Writing Prompt May 6 – Wedding Dancing [Picture Prompt]

Writing Prompt May 6 – Wedding Dancing [Picture Prompt]

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    Seun danced. He danced ‘Azonto’, switched to ‘Etighi’, maneuvered into ‘Alanta’ and bounced into ‘Yahoozee’ – all dance styles combined to impress Bella, one of the ladies on the bridal train.

    He had heard Bella loves a guy that can dance and had spent time rehearsing his steps. His moves made the other grooms men envious and they followed suit in bid to look relevant.

    But Raymond rocked the floor and Bella, watching him, smiled. Encouraged, he went into a spin and did a James Brown split…and heard the humiliating ripping sound of his trouser tearing underneath.

    96 words

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      im still laughing. i can totally picture this!

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      This is so funny.

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    Mark wriggled his slim frame up, down, left and right. He also exercised his legs but with caution because he was watching her closely. He had the target in his crosshairs and just had to strike. He sidled towards her but was caught between her and the darn idiot. If he could just kick his behind out of the way.

    Suddenly, hope dawned. The “obstruction” went low and he made to” konko below” but “GBAM…” The table met his bottom square on the right cheek. Slowly, he changed positions, pain written all over his face.

    Bitchy Karma!

    97 words

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    It was that time in the wedding ceremony when the couple was supposed to dance.The MC announced;

    ‘Ladies and gentlemen please make welcome the latest couple in town to the dance floor’
    Everybody was dazed when the couple refused to get up from their seats.The MC repeated the invitation as the audience gazed at the couple. ‘Oya now’, their friends beckoned.After much pressure, Banjo and Joy finally stood up, everybody screamed! Banjo’s trouser was skewed unveiling a bulge at the loin region… Ye pa! Joy’s mother screamed from the rear.
    ‘My daughter cannot die untimely’

    98 words.

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    Way too much energy

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    okay, what’s for this week

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