Where Are The Children?

Where Are The Children?
“Aunty Abby, I think I’m in love” Bridget, six.
“I know, marriage is about making babies” Sylvia, seven.
“when you like a girl, you take her to ‘faaji’(party), then kiss her, then sleep with her and she has a pregnancy for you” Rilwan, seven.
(pointing to his organ)”my mummy bought it for me, it’s for wee-wee, and also for sleeping with women” Sukanmi, five.

The names are made up, but the ages and statements are real. One was said to me, while the rest were said to friends and people I know. The individuals making these statements, though tender in years, obviously know more than they should as kids. My question then is, what is happening to our children? Are they growing up too fast?

When I was a child, I confess, I didn’t know most of the things the children of these days take for granted. I watched less television, read more books, and generally knew more facts. Kids today sadly do no such ; they have the internet, 24-hour television, and less reading paper. In the nigh thirty years of my life, a lot has changed. Only last week, I was with a friend, and his ten year old nephew was loudly protesting at being called a kid. With hands on hips, the little man railed, “I’m not a kid! I’m ten! I can take care of myself!” and this is in Nigeria, in Africa, which is said to be a backward continent! Sadly, I don’t know if we can do anything to reverse this trend, and this is just the beginning. If the current trend continues, in a few short years, all we will have are young and old adults, and the vital societal quantity known as the child will become, like the dodo and the sabre tooth tiger, a thing of the past, and a mere figure in the history books.
This is dedicated to the special ones that call me uncle:
Jolayemi Olajide, Sebioba Olajide , Oluwajenyo ‘chairmo’ Olajide, Enoubong ‘Zara’ Okon, Priceless Omoyeni Stephen,Somto David Ubong-Okon, Eliora Olanike Stephen, and all the others to follow after them.
Happy Children’s Day.

3 thoughts on “Where Are The Children?” by eyekay (@eyekay)

  1. Very thoughtful question. You didn’t even ‘enter’ the discussion well sef.
    I was mad when a friend told me that her cousins where d oldest was 13 all had phones that had web acess…I was at her till she called her aunt and they took them away.
    Some parents are the cause. I tell you.

    Well done. $ß.

  2. its a challenge for the 21st century parents, help guide them to utilize the vast information they are surrounded with for their good. if a boy knows that his ”wee wee” is for more than to pee, then let him know that it is reserved to please the one he would call his own, and not to be used as a semen dispenser for all and sundry. if she says marriage is for making babies, then you tell her or rather show her(by the relationship with your spouse) that marriage is more than that, it is friendship, companionship and support and fulfillment of purpose.

    the problem is that we assume that the kids dont know or dont understand and try to hide from them. the info they have will then nt be balancd or misused. we should strive to know wat they know and them use the info to teach them the right virtues.

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