Where do we draw the line
On the landscape of Nigeria’s sand
That will once again place
The greenery of love and respect
In the scenery of our hearts
Or have the rooms
Become too complicated? Stretched to their limits?
All thirty six and one of them
That provide food and board
Hopes and dreams, tears and joy
Culture and identity
For over a hundred and forty million odd occupants

Persuaded in about 250 ways
Persuasions so strong that
We sing the anthem at gatherings
Whilst swearing adherence to the pledge

And yet……..
This amalgamation is posing serious questions
On our compatibility, our readiness to live and let live
However our response lets us down
They are at best uncoordinated
At other times, criminally chaotic
So the ship of state is steered listlessly
Leader and led alike looking for answers without
The former; happy self-helping custodians of public till
The latter; content at being reticent wailers

But there is still life in the blood,
Even if it is spilled
Though the national fire maybe waning
The embers of our collective dreams and desires
Are prime possession
We must fan them again
To initiate a conflagration
That will consume despotic notions
And divisive stereotypes
So that we can embrace
The courage needed to confront
The revelations of the truth
We dread but should not run from
Pinching ourselves to sensibility
From such national paranoia
Leader and led alike jointly picking up ‘naija’ pieces
To flag the start of a new story:
Of every Nigerian hand holding
The chalk on a clean slate of state!

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  1. on the vine and line of truth, peace and unity………………….

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