The Everything

The Everything

Take me back to the beginning

the thoughts of love and trust unyielding,

bonds forged from strings unbending

the touch that leaves the skin still yearning

the breath that’s stolen, leaving lungs deflating

the stare that ignited fire, a fire still burning.


If I am falling, then let me fall upwards

Would you stand and be my stalwart?

The force that forever drives me forward

If I dive in feet first then let others call me foolish

I’d always prefer it to being called ‘coward’.

You, the courage that drives away the fear

You melt the darkness,  the soft light from my dashboard


Take me back to land I’m lost at sea

The gentle breeze that blows from the east

The kiss that frees the prince from the beast

Moments celebrated by a kettle and cups of tea

The soil that nurtures the tall Iroko tree

You, the land that rescues me from the deep


Take me back to the beginning

the dreams of a future and happiness unending

A bond forever enduring

The embrace that keeps the heart beating

You, the voice that stirs the soul to waking

You, you… The everything.

10 thoughts on “The Everything” by Kel (@KelWriter)

  1. Okay Nice!
    the ryme is good.
    Weldone @kelwriter

    1. Kel (@KelWriter)

      Thanks a bunch. hope to upload another one soon.

  2. Lovely lines. Well done, Kel. $ß.

    1. Kel (@KelWriter)

      Thanks Sibbyl

  3. It’s really nice. Really.

    Good job.

    1. Kel (@KelWriter)

      Thanks I’ll be posting some more in a few.

  4. Omila (@oriaifo-donald)

    i like!
    i would have put ‘soul to waking’…before ‘heart beating’ sha…
    really dig that ‘Prince/Beast’ line…

    1. Kel (@KelWriter)

      Thanks a bunch.
      I really appreciate it

  5. lovely lines…

  6. @kel, stumbled on this and looooved it. I’m a poem-fanatic, so I hope to see more of yours on here. Nicely done.

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