Sacrifice. . .

And for all the pains and the hurts

It procedurally diffuse abroad

One may quantify as part of the price paid

Because no cross no crown

Nothing venture nothing gain

Salt and oil, water and gin

They are all but a mere shadow

Yet with their measure of results

Consider then a greater and giant stride

Where blood and water were made to flow daily

A part of life daily on the line

Not minding the hurts nor the pains

Just willfully ready to sacrifice all that need be


5 thoughts on “Sacrifice. . .” by Babalola Ibisola VABI (@Babalolaibisola)

  1. Greater is such a sacrifice, the slain lamb of God,

  2. @expo, yea such is the Love of Christ.

  3. His Love towards us, the unmerited grace!

  4. 10points would buy me a meal! And now commenters are saying it’s about ‘Love of Christ’! #vomitting
    Same crap I hear every Sunday!
    Perhaps you are a pastor!

  5. sublime idea

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