REAL LOVE STORY 2 . . . A cause for Conflict


Here is a little background on the young physician. As a child, there was this little girl, daughter of a family in the neighborhood, who was his playmate. The girl was afflicted with a disease called ‘white sickness’. She fell sick often and was usually indoor. He, as a small boy, prayed that God should heal his friend.

Then all of a sudden, she became very active and full of life.

During her disease free period, both became very closed and grew fond of each other. They had memorable juvenile adventures, playing by the brook, hunting butterflies, and catching molts. They had innumerable moments of laughter, never was a dull moment or cause for sadness.

Innocently, their childhood fondness grew into an innocent love, pure and uncorrupted. A love that is as bright as white lily, crystal pure like snow . . .

Adolescence was fast catching up with them, himself already a handsome athletic young man and she a beautiful angelic damsel.

Then, all of a sudden, like a spell, her symptoms resurfaced, turning blue initially with little efforts, and eventually at rest, often with difficulty in breathing. She spent most of her time now indoor, daily becoming an invalid.

One fateful evening, she was brought into the garden. He was with her,sitting at her feet, looking into her rapturous eyes, and praying silently that God would spare the life of the one he truly love.

Instead, she said to him, “now I must leave for a glorious and better Land, wherein there is no sickness or sorrow, no pain but joy unending.

I’ll go to await you my friend, my love. I pray you; do not grieve over me, for I’m off to a better and glorious place . . .”

“Stop, stop!” He shouted.

He will never accept such.

‘You can never die, you’re indestructible, if truly there is a God, then, you must live!’

He sobbed, with his head on her laps.  And as if to say her blessing like a mother to her son, she laid her right hand on his head, and yielded the ghost.

He put down the dead hand with gentle love but in his heart, there was a rage and pain.

Since then, the world to him became a carnal house, full of groaning, and no beauty of architecture, music had no power enough to lighten his endless sorrow.

To him, the God that took away such an innocent beauty, fragile and harmless damsel, such God must be a wicked one. Then, he resolved, I must avenge her death, God, I’ll defeat You, from now on. I will live the rest of my days to prevent you snatching away man’s life from this world.

In doing this, he went to study medicine and became a great physician. All in the hope of healing every man of his malady.

He’d lost his father shortly after the demise of his playmate, and this has only hardened his mind against such a God that will only give but to take away.

“God, you are my enemy, my greatest foe and I shall defeat you!” He vowed.


Now as a physician, who just lost another man to the chilling hands of death, the faithful messenger of the cruel God, and now seeing and listening to this young couple with their tale of abandonment and imminent destruction, his heart was moved beyond humanly imaginable anger plus pity.

He was seized with a very ecstasy of rage and despair.

He grasped the leper’s shoulders in his strong hands, closed his eyes and addressed God thusly with fury;

“Oh, You who have tormented this man who wished only to save Your victims from Your hatred! Must You forever strike down those who helped the afflicted, who are innocent, who are without malice and evil?

Must always Your smile be reserved for the vile and their children, and Your blessings be poured out on the unrighteous? Why do You not destroy us and let us have our place forever in a day-less grave, covered by the merciful night, far from Your vengeful eyes? What have we done to merit Your hate, You who have not the eyes and the limbs and the blood of men, and not their flesh?

Do You bleed as men bleeds? Does Your heart tremble as the heart of a man trembles? Have you suffered pain, o You who inflict pains?

Have You loved as a man loves? Have you begotten a son, so that you might mourn for him?”


The couple stood like motionless stone. They were aware something most awesome was sounding in this moon-struck, silent and fetid place.

He looked about, and he saw that the immensity of heaven and sea dwarfed the earth, towered over it, rolled about it, speaking of awe, yet doomful and foreboding to him.

He love humanity, he love the creation of God, but he could not fathom why the very Creator of the very beautiful universe will also be involved in the suffering of man.

He poured his whole out and opened his mouth, with a sense of urgency he addressed God once more . . .

To be continued.

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  1. Hm. This is interesting. Echoes of Job. Is the physician about to get a revelation?

    There are fewer typos in this installment than the previous one; good job.

    Well done, @babalolaibisola.

  2. @TolaO, hmm, who knows, he may have the ‘deeper’ things already revealed to him!

    And, sure we may go that way.

    Thanks a lot for visiting my page.

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