This virgin-suffused plateau
being Allah’s ribald remuneration
to dauntless disciples
spurns occident iconoclasm.

Subversive aright,
Oduche’s hypermetropic candle
wakes through the night
attending the schism.

Sacrosanct aleft,
Boko’s myopic priesthood
ignites a holocaust,
purges Oduche’s apostasy

As the sober Sun
fresh from occident musing
quenches his dizzy candle
with somnolent orient rays.

But Boko’s purgative device
being an acme of occident mutiny
violates the vision of virgins,
and Allah is an exhaustive god

Except a flaming fellowship
rids Boko’s mercantile ministry
even this expedient pollution,
pacifying the pedantic deity

As Boko the perfect priest
incendiary of his dyad device
ensuring in his blazing body
the plateau’s dick-shrinking orgasm.

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