On Music, Painting And Poetry.

Art, the use of imagination to express ideas or feelings, have always clothed the dull times of life. One may wonder why the Creator-In-Chief himself will cloth the fields with colors so beautiful and artful on the fields. In my opinion, God did that to make existence on earth enjoyable and lively. Music, Painting and poetry, which belong to the arts, have one thing in common: expression of  beauty!

Life is naked without the cloth of the arts, because what art has always done is to cloth everything that is older than the artist. The emotion called love is older than every classic musician that ever beautified it on notes, and the elements of the orchestra. It is their attempt to beautify life, with their music, that made Handel, Bach, Mozart; Beethoven left those classic notes on the sands of time. Beethoven’s ninth symphony stands in its class, and will always move its fans always, if played again and again; the reason is because harmony beautifies life, and cloths sad times of life with precious sounds.

Claude Monet and Michelangelo were men who worked arts! They represent artists with indelible motifs, showing subsequent generations how to cloth life and ideas, and unleash emotions through the expression of art. African art has been recognized after the emergence of the frontiers of African art, artists who have exported works that have shocked western art lovers. In Nigeria, the art has become stronger in terms of publicity; because art lovers have found out that the art is world-class.

Poetry is powerful expression of language. A major genre of literature very puzzling and condense in nature. Understanding poetry is like playing chess, you will have to make the best move with patience to reach checkmate. But what poetry too, does, is not far from what music and painting does: it also cloths old things with the elements of poetry and images, so that the subject addressed in the poem is given a new face, and new life. The primary purpose of poetry is to create beauty: this is the entertainment of poetry.

Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Keats, Blake, Herbert, Milton, Elliot, Yeats and others still speak from their bones, because of the power of imagery and precision of language. Nobel laureate winner, Prof. Wole Soyinka, J.P.Clark, Odia Ofeimun, Mazisi Kunene, Dennis Brutus, Leopold Senghor and others, have created the new poetry of Africa! They have raised a new generation of poets in Africa, who have held with young poets from other continents of the world.

Conclusively, the common destinies of these three are expression of beauty. For beauty is a gift from God, to drive out the hours of ashes every living must taste. Art takes a life that has not been beautified, and gives it life through the miraculous touch, and the soul of the artist!

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  1. True…the Arts are an intrinsic part of our world. Well done. $ß.

    1. Thanks @sibbylwhyte,we cannot separate the color art give our world.

    1. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I feel…I see the depth.

    This evokes a myriad of emotions – a subtle reminder of the responsibilities of a creator.

    God is the King of all. EVERYTHING.


    1. @Seun-Odukoya, I am happy you got that abstract side…Takes the abstract mind to fathom the side that is underneath the voice. Thanks. SALUTE!

  3. Deep, and insightful.

    Loved the last line.

    1. Thanks so much @funpen. Happy you love and got the message.

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