Oga!! O Ga!!

Oga!! O Ga!!

Pelumi moaned.

She’d be waiting for this moment for so long. She’d even begun to wonder if she’d only imagined her Oga giving her those lingering sexy looks. But,no! She’d been right, obviously. If not, there’d be no reason why Oga Peter would have left madam in their room,just to come and caress her naked body in her room at this ungodly hour. But she liked it. Scrap that! She loved it. His cold hands had moved up from her feet, to her legs, and were slowly going up, up, between her thighs.

She remembered all the times she’d touched herself while thinking of how handsome and sexy Oga Peter was, all the times she’d thought of poisoning madam’s tea, so she, beautiful Pelumi, could take her place. She knew she was beautiful. After all,all those boys on the street were always asking her to be their lover. Even Oscar, the gardener, had the guts! Imagine that! When real men like Oga were around? Tufiakwa! She always felt jealous when Oga and Madam kissed in front of her.And yet, it must have been fake, because Oga was touching her like a lover. Or maybe oga loved Madam and Pelumi. It didn’t really matter.

She could feel her nipples growing harder as she felt his cold,long fingers move against the lower part of her body. She could feel something warm in her tummy. She started to moan ‘ Oga,oga, aaahh…oga’. It was at that point she opened her eyes and screamed ‘ O GA O!’ milliseconds before the snake sunk its fangs in her thigh.

13 thoughts on “Oga!! O Ga!!” by Miss Sarah (@tokuharash)

  1. Hmmm… To die at the hands or is it lips of her fanged lover?
    Nice one. Well done, Mary. $ß

    1. thank you, @sibbylwhyte maybe she didn’t die

  2. Its funny until the snake bite,then it becomes serious.

    1. Heh heh. Tell her to open her eyes next time.(if there’s a next time)

  3. Had me laughing at the end, but I guess it must not be funny for Pelumi :)

    1. I’m sure you’re right about that, @myne

  4. Hahahahahah. What a twist!

  5. Ah! Not funny for Pelumi at all!

  6. This is wicked. Don’t ever torture a fellow human like this again. EVER!

    1. Torture how? @harryble , she was having fun na :D

  7. @estee , :) poor her. @ ibagere , Moral lesson: open your eyes (sometimes) even when it feels good

  8. Felt it was a dream all along. I don’t feel a snake would have felt like oga’s hands though (unless it was a dream).

    Nice one.

  9. Oh dear Lord!

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