My Soul, My Own

My Soul, My Own

I went in search of a soul
To replace the weak one I call my own.

I went out of my head for the things I said,
When my angered tongue did put to bed.

Write me a song, a slow and sad one,
To help dispose the fluid that blurred my vision.

Call me a coward, fill me with insults,
I will not utter a word, my tolerance is not salt.

Hit me, break me, cage me-
Save me from the enemy I can be;

How can my veins ever conquer their thirst?
My heart is hurt, it’s too weak to work in haste.

I went in search of a soul when it was hot and cold,
But was told to go, my soul is my home and own.

8 thoughts on “My Soul, My Own” by Nur'ayn (new reign) (@newreign)

  1. Simple. Nice. Well done. $ß

  2. Hmmm!


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