Mind-blowing Spousal Treatment

I promised a piece written for the ladies on how to treat their spouse. Well, here it is. These are some of my personal secrets I hope to carry out someday.
Women have this wrong notion that they’re the only ones who need romance but they seem to forget that men have needs too (and I’m not talking about sex alone.)
Women, you do know that you can have three kids and still be in good shape, right? I’m not saying you won’t put on weight…of course you will, its genetics. But you can control the kind of weight you put on to avoid looking unattractive to your men. Some women let themselves go after having kids, believing that motherhood comes with looking unkempt and unattractive. Says who?
If you want your man to keep coming back for more; treat him like a king and make him know that his opinion about your looks matter. I wonder about women who feel that their looks at home doesn’t matter; you find them dressed in wrapper tied from their chest down looking ten years older. I mean, come on!
What’s wrong if you look good at home for your man? He’s at the office all day and sees all types and sizes of women dressed smartly…he doesn’t want to come home to meet a woman encased in wrapper from the chest down like an Egyptian mummy.
He won’t mind getting home and seeing you dressed in shorts and a tank top or even a sexy nightgown with equally sexy lingerie. Remember this; men are attracted by what they see. If you want them to keep their eyes on you, make sure you do your best to look extraordinary for him.
After he’s had dinner, clinch the deal by engaging in a full-bodied erotic massage (Strictly for married couples). This kind of massage usually ends up in a passionate night of love-making because you’re both naked as you massage him. I can’t go into full details on this but you could read up on it, ladies.
For women who work till late at night, you can plan this for the weekend; send the kids off to a friend’s place for the day and give your man a mind-blowing treatment.
Now, I’m going to get a bit mischievous. What I’m about to say next cannot be done by all ladies but please try it if you can. You ever hear the word ‘Quickie’? Yup! Exactly! Men love that. The truth is; men love anything about sex. That’s usually the way you get their attention.
Here comes the mischievous part…ladies pay your hubby a surprise visit in the office, preferably during his lunch break or whenever suits you best. I suggest you wear a simple dress like a gown (for easy access). For God’s sake don’t dress like an old woman when paying him this surprise visit…dress for- his -eyes -only kind of dressing and strut into his office. When both of you are alone, indulge yourselves in a quickie on the office table. Hey, I don’t know how private you can be and don’t ask me. I’II only give the advice I can to the best of my knowledge but do all you can to make sure that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Comprende?
The truth is there are several things you could do to keep your man happy and satisfied; you just have to be creative and sometimes even crazy. You can take him to the cinema and choose a comfortable seat at the back and while seeing the movie (preferably a romance movie) start making out with him. It’s just an idea outta many.
Permit me to share another of my many ideas; ladies, convince your hubby to play a game with you…it could be any game but there has to be a fine for the loser. Guess what that fine is? Stripping! For every game you lose; you take off a piece of clothing…you decide what happens next when all your clothes are off.
Who says marriage can’t be fun?
Ladies, don’t make the mistake of denying your husband sex because as Paul says in 1Corinthians 7:4-5 “The wife’s body does not belong to her alone but also to her husband. In the same way, the husband’s body does not belong to him alone but also to his wife. Do not deprive each other except by mutual consent and for a time…”
I have a word for pregnant women who lose appetite for sex at a certain stage in their pregnancy. Now, no one is saying you have to have sex with your husband even when you’re too large to carry yourself…but, you can make him feel wanted. When you’re both in bed, cuddle him and touch him in those places he likes best, you can even make out lightly with him…that way he doesn’t feel neglected.

Remember this; it takes two to tango, for a relationship to work, both parties do the giving. Women don’t be selfish; to make your spouse happy, be creative. Note the things he likes best. It’s not just about sex; it could be watching a football match with your man (if he’s a football fan, that is.)It could also be leaving love notes in odd places, sending him sexy/erotic text messages at odd times. Choose whatever works for you.
That’s it for now, ladies. I do hope I’ve been able to point out a few things your men would like. I’m not an expert, so this is my own ten pence.

26 thoughts on “Mind-blowing Spousal Treatment” by Mimiadebayo (@Mimiadebayo)

  1. @Mimiadebayo God bless, you know what I’ll say it again GOD BLESS YOU. Me I need office quickie ooooo

    and sexy dressed women at home, but most importantly 1Corinthians 7:4-5 is now my best verse in the Bible

    @Zikora and @febidel hope you are reading o :)

  2. Preach it, sister!
    Married doesn’t mean all that va va voom sexy goes out the door.

  3. @dkny111 Lol. Oh really? Thanks for all the blessings.You could give her this piece to read nah.Lol.
    See,I have the guys’ best interests at heart too!
    Why did you beckon the ladies alone?What about @Jaywriter @chemokopi @TolaO @Seun-Odukoya @topazo
    Guys,the piece written in your favour is out! Hope you find it favourable.

  4. @Olaedo Glad you get the message.I like that I’m speaking your mind. Thanks for reading!

  5. Quickie!!! Lol… What about offices that are stocked with CCTVs?…
    Anyway I wouldn’t mind a ‘quickie’ when having an early mourning shower…

    1. Bro, you can buy jammer. It would be worth the cost, lol!

      @mimiadebayo, tell them oh!

  6. Lol@kingobozy That ain’t a bad idea too.

  7. @francis Lol@buying a jammer. You could go that far?? Hehehehe…

    1. @mimiadebayo, Just helping out a brother circumvent an obstacle. I wouldn’t mind using it though…

  8. I like the informal style of writing. But if you are choosing to talk about a matter, don’t give us the impression that you are not comfortable talking about it. If need be, go into details and don’t shy away.

    Next, I noticed that your idea about mind blowing spousal treatment was focused on sex and sexuality. Now I think that is being stereotypical, men’s lives do not revolve around the perineum and bedroom activities.
    If my spouse, were to do all this, I still won’t have been mind blown. I think romance is more than the sex and sex related activities. It’s the little thoughtful acts, the bonding and intimacy. The succour and strength that he can derive from the wife.

    It is said commonly among menfolk that you can’t tell all to a woman. If a woman can get his spouse to be his confidant and his source of strength, that is mind blowing.

    If ur man can rely on u and trust u, then no matter how seductive another woman can be, he won’t cheat on her. That is a man’s heart for you, I hope the ladies are listening.

    Forget the myth that all men cheat and bla bla bla… A man that has got that woman he can safely rest on, has found all he is looking for, not sex, not good home making or anything else.

    Look at old couples, the ones we admire, who have been married for thirty something years, and the man has never cheated. If you ask the man he would tell you it’s not the great sex or sensuality. It is the respect and the recognition of the woman as his all… Whether we like it or not, the passion will fade and the sex drive will decrease as age increases

    Now I’m not saying you are totally wrong, I’m just saying this is not the core. A man can have mind blowing sex with the wife and still be greedy, looking for more and aching for another taste. But if his heart is home, he will never stray.

    Sorry for my long epistle, it just pains me to know that women really know little about the men folk….

    1. @topazo, here comes the man who knows our heart. Speak bro!

  9. Okay@topazo Really long lecture.Lol.
    Okay,lemme say this…the truth is that when a couple is always having issues,check their sex life. The problem almost always begins in the bedroom.
    Let’s face facts, men think about sex more often than not. In my article I pointed out that its not all about the sex, but its a very important part of it esp.for young strong couples.

    I know what you mean and I totally agree with you. You have a great point.
    See,cos men think about sex more often than not,and women don’t think about sex as often…there is usually friction especially when the man is in the mood and she isn’t. All I’m trying to say here is women should be more considerate of their men’s sexual needs despite their mood. @dkny111 and @kingobozy seem to agree with me.
    P.S: We know more about men than you think we do,seriously.

  10. sambright (@sambrightomo)

    @Mimiadebayo you know about men.I dont think @topazo is contesting that with you.He only stated in clear terms what he knows a man to be.Voila! Let me also say this, men will always be moved by what dey see and women by what they hear,these all go to complement.It should nt be used outside the armbit of marriage…

    Besides not everyman thinks of sex all the time and not every woman doesnt think of sex all the time…I rest my case.

  11. Hmmm…lemme say one last thing before @topazo chops my head off. This article is mainly about bringing the romance back into a marriage,don’t forget that. All I’m saying is…the married people will benefit from it more than those still searching. I rest my case. Ciao!

    1. @mimiadebayo dear LFW, ur head is so precious to us, we can’t afford to chop it off.. Lol

  12. Your intentions are pure, perhaps. But from this article, sister, you know nothing about men.
    I can refute every single claim you made here. But it dont matter.
    Well done.

    1. Yes! Finally someone who speaks my mind @kaycee

      @mimiadebayo you hear that? You can’t just put men into a box and say you know them… It’s not all abt sex at all….

  13. Well@topazo I’m sorry for airing my view; since the masters have spoken…I’d better shut up.I agree,I know nothing about men.

    1. @mimiadebayo my dearest LFW don’t take it personal, ur viewpoint is well appreciated….

  14. Clears throat, lol. Nice write up

  15. This is another @Mimiadebayo ooh. Girl I absolutely comprehende.

    I love @topazo ‘s comment, taking the pain to educate us on what’s most important to men. Who can tell it better than a man?

    @kaycee you’ve seen we don’t know a thing about men yet you want us to keep groping in our ignorance? Please school us a little. A word or two could save a home. I believe if the home is happy it will have a ripple effect on the society at large. Waiting sir…

  16. @mimiadebayo U’ve spoken 4rm a woman’s point of view n its quiet appreciated.Am sure u have d men folk’s intrest @ heart.Well done
    @topazo Hmmmm,spoken like a man who know’s wat he truly wants n 4rm a male pespective.Am sure we’ll all work on it i.e our love lives.
    Thanks 4 d enlightening info.

  17. @mimiadebayo lesson well learned.

  18. It’s the thought that matters they say, so I’ll commend the effort it took to write this.

    While reading it, I expected to see something different but it just rings with the same tune that those self-help books play. The spousal treatment wasn’t as novel or mind blowing as I imagined it to be.
    People write about this stuff daily. It’s not new news – but with the infidelity rates soaring from both sides, I wonder if people get to read them at all, least of all pratice what they sell.

    The mistake one could possibly make is to put anyone in a box… We will never know all there is to men and neither will they about us.

    @Topazo, I am with you on that comment of yours.

    Well done, mimi. $ß.

  19. I honestly think this will work for most men. Maybe not the men on NS.

    Nice one though.

  20. ok, this is strictly for married couples…………..hmmm

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