A Writer’s Nightmare

A Writer’s Nightmare


How would I begin to build this labyrinth?

One hidden within pages and words.

One that would have the reader enchanted.

Lost in reverie.

While working or walking.

How would I begin to lay the bricks of suspense?

Grow the flowers of romance?

Paint the blood of tragedy?

The fitful laughter of comedy?

Would this work?

Should I strike that out?

Pouring rain falls out of the lines,

Paved streets constructed in a page.

Fortunes change.

Creatures come to life.

Would they be lost in the world I create?

Would they lose the bound pages or hold it dear?

How would I?

How should I?

How can I let imagination dream of reality?

These thoughts,

Day and night.

Taunt, tease.

Tug, pull.

My work shall now begin!

                                                                                                                ATL BJ

5 thoughts on “A Writer’s Nightmare” by Atl bj (@Atl-bj)

  1. Beautiful lines…

    1. thank very much @topazo,

  2. Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

    Very very beautiful. Consider removing the last line though ot removing the exclamation mark. Exclamation marks indicate a rise in volume- a shout. This poem is solemn and dignified. Just my thoughts

    1. Thank you @sunshine, this piece is done and I really appreciate your thoughts about it.I’m addicted to the exclamation mark,I would input your input when another master piece is being created. Much love!!

  3. interesting

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