We used to be Friends

It was visceral

the connection between you and I

You’d lean into my shoulder

and I’d be strong for you

Into your laps

I would pour my heart liberally

Everyone had written us off as mad

for we’d laugh many laughters

that only us could explain

and we’d hold a prayer, pain,

anything, everything, and nothing together

in the many sacred silences we’d share

Ours was a kiss on the heart,

now – water under the bridge, isn’t it?

The silence, stalked us silently

till all that was once given freely

became up for bartering

till uncertainty and suspicion were planted

in many an awkward tension

We used to be friends

inseparable, psychically intimate

Time just kept passing

and we kept letting it

until ‘we’ were left behind

I wished that instead of always having to

for once you’d be the one to save ‘us’

but you were too busy for that, I guess.

I will keep your dark secrets

Fingers crossed that you’ll keep mine too.

Isn’t that the least we can do?

22 thoughts on “We used to be Friends” by Ebele Mogo (@Ebele)

  1. no! it is nt the least we can do…’we were friends’ good work…but you can do better.

    1. @silvabright hahaha thanks for your thoughts.

  2. Smiles…. The fear of a lady or so. Whereas the sex of the writer is unknown, methinks a guy wouldn’t have bothered much, or so I think.
    Some things are meant to remain in the past… Don’t bother the guy… But if the writer is a male, methinks he still has a strong feeling, fight for your emotion… Well, just my ‘subjective thought’, as a result of the picture my mind painted and i tried to reconcile the offender and the offended.
    Keep it up, nice stuff.

    1. @owseaman Yes some things are meant to remain the past. You are right :) I love reading your thoughts about the poem. Seems you really analyzed it. Which is good because it just might be fictional:)

  3. This is beautiful. I like it.

  4. Nice… “psychically intimate”.. Love the imagery

  5. adams (@coshincozor)

    i am still trying to find something poetic about this. ok ‘pour hearts into laps’. that’s one expression i like. ok i will read again.

    1. @coshincozor I find your comment funny and confusing at the same time…

  6. /I will keep your dark secrets

    Fingers crossed that you’ll keep mine too.

    Isn’t that the least we can do? / Sums up the entire thought you expressed. Nothing could be more devastating than hearing your secrets passed on my your ‘x’, it just tells that they dont value memories. Thanks for sharing.

    1. @sambrightomo thanks for reading and connecting

  7. Written with the kinda ‘maturity’ and simplicity I love. The illusions shattered.

    Nice one.

  8. It reads like prose. i like the message but ifind it lacking in poetic elements. Also the punctuations seemed to be striking- I could notfind them where they were meant to be.

    1. @stnaija Thanks for the feedback. Could you go into a bit more detail wrt to the punctuation and how it reads so I can take note? Thanks

  9. Daireen (@daireenonline)

    Reminds me of the line by the Indian poet ‘It’s not time that’s passing, it’s you and I…’

    Emotive and well crafted. forced in some areas, overall, it delivers it’s message and thaws a hardened heart. But wait oo, me ano dey do dis love drama abeg… *runs away*

    1. @daireenonline loool. Thanks for your thoughts.Don’t run oo LOL I would love to know where you thought was forced so I can keep that in mind.

  10. i really liked this @ebele ..
    the title attracted me at first, and i got to love the flow..
    a nice blend of your the poetic and some prose..#ma opinion
    in summary i like!

    1. Thank you @tamie for stopping by and sharing your opinion:) Much appreciated

  11. I like this.
    Write again.

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