Treasures Lost

Treasures Lost

April 6, 2013  3.14pm


Her smile tells all she hopes for the future

Her life before her full of so much joy; she nurtures

The treasures she keeps happily displayed

For the entire world to see, appreciate and jointly applaud.


A happy little girl playfully arranging her wares

Not minding the niggling pain in her young heart and the fears

Of a wicked world which lurks and waits for her to fully emerge

Only so her joy and happiness, the world’s misery and sorrow can brutally submerge.


She knows not what the future holds

But in her hands she knows she has all that she can mould

To create that future she hopes will fulfill her near nubile dreams

Before the world comes to peck away at her seams.


Her worldly treasures she holds and flaunts

Laughing in the face of friendly taunts

Soon grown and old;  she will look back and wonder what happened

To all those dreams which never bloomed.




This poem was inspired by the picture of the little girl depicted (blurred to protect her and other reasons). 

She is the niece of a close friend, Gooseberry. I am sure when she sees  this she is going to wonder why it took me so long to write it after my promise. Well Goose, somethings it takes other triggers to bring these things out. I got my trigger after reading another friend’s blog post (can’t remember title).

It was a picture that was beautiful enough to provoke this piece. She was so full of life and happiness…all over a collection of crown corks she had in a steel plate (many of us will remember our childhoods playing with crown corks?). I am sure, in our journey through life we can relate with what has been written here. But, I hope in the end we can look back and say we had a good life. Cheers.

7 thoughts on “Treasures Lost” by shaifamily (@shaifamily)

  1. Vey nice poem. I can totally relate. I ‘know’ the picture also ad it always reminded me of Macaulay Culkin’s early production when he was paid a jar of coin. Someone said he probably enjoyed the jar of coins to whatever millions he made in Hollywood years later.

    Nice one Shai.

      1. @jaywriter that pure “jar of coins” is worth more than ‘tainted’ gold later on.

  2. Sweet sad poem about dreams hopes and loss.

    1. Hmmm, Thank U. A little sunshine to drive the gloom away

  3. As usual, bro. You know what it is.

    As usual. Well done.

  4. @Seun-Odukoya Guy, I see you in 3-D. Glad it is “what it is” – hehehe


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