…To My Final Love

The Love that never came

The love that came and left

And to the love on the way:

In the starry less night, I walked in darkness

Looking for light, I fell and rose.

What happened to me, what is wrong or right with me?

My O my, I am in love, in love with a girl, yet I am a boy.

Trying to be nice,I got closer to her,

Like a ghost’s movement, my passion wasn’t felt,

I was unnoticed- I was chasing a shadow.

In a bid to express myself, I met a friend

Who gave me an intro of expression

-which I later developed.

In a bid to know her, I learnt of a truth

For at last I said the truth

And she told me the truth:

‘Seye, I am engaged!’

What a shock,

From a love that never came

Nor was ever mine.


Like a soothing balm, I calmed

From the pain, now rendered vain

By a touch, a torch of love

That lit thru the grip of shame-facedness

A shame of unreturned love-a lovelorn.

From afar she came, and with a touch

A touch of Midas, I turned gold.

Basking in this gold nature, I learnt of some things

That acted like a burst of the bile in a prepared meat,

I turned sour, but not without an explanation.

(Nothing sweets forever!)

Then came a big question or two:

Am I forcing myself on you,

Like trying to hold on to you and not let go?

What a question with a lot of complicated answers.

I know your mind was poisoned by your so-called friends,

Who you think are experts,

Yet, they never succeeded in their relationships.

-I relaxed, she left.

And in the least none is forcing who.

… In the test of seriousness, I think I failed,

For I fear for my heart, my love,

I’m single, and I fear disappointing commitments.


Don’t fall in love with a dreamer, a lyric yet to be known.

Who is a dreamer that we shouldn’t love?

Maybe this is the dream of a dreamer that made him guilty

-and sentenced to the jail of not being loved or to be loved:

For a perfect girl, dark and averagely tall, Intelligent and a good sense of humour;

For a girl whom, when I get upset, won’t flare, and when she’s in a fit, she will tell;

For a girl, who knows how to express herself, and if she can’t she is ready to learn;

For a girl, who knows not how to keep malice, but can learn from her past;

For a girl, who will be praying when I’m not there, and also meet her praying;

For a girl, dedicated to God, and be ready to sacrifice all for HIM;

For a girl, who can say ‘sorry’ even when she is right and the other party wrong;

For a girl, who can listen to complaints and cope with others;

For a girl, who can identify my weaknesses and raise me strong when I fall

(I will tell her the weaknesses I know)

For a girl, whose longing (to see) is enough motivation

For a girl, when I see, I forget about the rest- the Tempters;

For a girl, who will make me forget the labours of work after a tiring day:

For being with her , each time is an experience.

For a girl, who can give me the confidence to face those daunting tasks,

And however copes with my failures, …and my success.

For a girl, who will not only look at the left side of me,

But seeing my right side appreciates me the more.

For a girl, who knows that my right side is scarred,

Yet embraces it, not the one that only want to see the left side.

For a girl, who can darn whatever they (others) say,

But trusting me thru the days.

For a girl, who can leave them all,

And sacrifice it all and knows that my love for her is real and true.

For a girl, who I can always write about, once in a while or week or more: to say the least.

For a girl, who is ready to be the mother of my children or child, as the case may be.

For a girl, who has the option of leaving me, yet her faith holds on and hoping for a better tomorrow,

…and when tomorrow comes, and it is still the same, she never leaves me, ‘cos she knows it’s going to be well.

For a girl, who will stand by me through our rocking years, even when the rocks seem to be daunting,

….for she believes, we are both Zerubbabel, the mount got to become a plain.

For a girl, who, when I lose faith, she is there to strengthen my faithlessness with her faith and faithfulness,

For she knows, I will do the same for her.

…To the Love on the way


WARNING: This is not an advert, and never should be treated as one!!!


4 thoughts on “…To My Final Love” by owseaman (@owseaman)

  1. You really captured the real image of love. i must confess,I’m fascinated.well done.nice one. but i believe it can be better edited.

    1. @louis thanks for such and such comment, oyinbo da bi nkan (English grammar no be small thing).
      i could now only hope for my final Love to arrive…smiles

  2. I almost felt i am she you talk about…oh she is engaged…nice picture of love..you are good

    1. lols…@silvabright…painful smiles, anyway life goes on….
      thanks for your comment, i appreciate o

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