One Chance

One Chance

A glorious celebration testimony,

Quakes my ears with thunderous fear,

I felt guilty to keep it,

So out I burst.


Hurriedly, I board,

With smile of sorrow being the last,

No time to squander,

The wheel rolled.


Another route the wheel moved,

No, a wrong way I detected,

My noise he said he detested;

Don’t you ssmell the traffic? He hindered.


As quiet as still water watched,

In a danger city the car halted,

What again, I inquired,

The bus is faulty, he answered.


A little bit relieved, sighed,

Suddenly, metamorphosed to danger,

Rough handled by some hefty men,

Beaten and my money evaporated.


Taken to a danger zone,

Decorated with scary paintings,

With different red and black scary apparels,

I looked devastating.


Drastic steps the herbalist took,

Upon my head he performed,

spoke in a strange language,

To his god he communed.


I saw below box of billion skulls struggling for space,

Yours is also going for a struggle soon, he ordered.

River of tears flowed down my eyes,

Please, save my life, I begged.


Herbalist went out with heavy move,

Came back with worried soul,

Your God saved you, he frightened,

Get out, he ordered.


Beaten and dragged out of the camp,

On the main road I met myself with nothing,

Tears of joy rolled down my face.

I have been saved by the Mighty God.


(Inspired by a Sister’s testimony on the 2nd Dec. 2012, during the glorious celebration in Deeper Christian Life Bible ministry).

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