Headless Naija & the Shoeless men

Headless Naija & the Shoeless men


Competent minds master the hands

Orchestrating its dexterous activities

And a stable head man the torso

Guiding in its nexus of meandering


Of what good is a big head,

That is lacking in grey matter?

Or a bulging ocular mass,

That sees not beyond the nose?


Bravery is sometimes an illusion

More so in a land without a vision

Where walking but dead bipeds

Are found leading the true living


They came like a swarm

Asked for our mandates in poll

Disguised their ‘shallolity’

With the depth of wealth they advertised


Gathered around them were fellow cronies

With all manners of shadowy pasts

Shrouded together behind their opulence

Deceiving the people with planned games


One would have thought they meant good

Especially so, given their acclaimed background

Shoeless past, would endeared them to us

No! Desire for boot caused them to loot!


And if there is still a foot to lead

Must have been smeared in mire

In such a moral sludge and perversion

That no eye would love to behold


It is our land and our home

It is the nature’s gift to us all

In the center they sit like a dome

Playing off our future like a ball


Out of every four black men on earth

In the four corners of the globe

We are potentially allotted a slot

An uncommon ratio the world over


With the Atlantic wetting our feet

And bright sunshine leaking our sebum

Our soil permeate with Niger and Benue rivers

Ours is a special land with unparalleled fecundity


Even if we are not going to plant

It still has given us enough to fetch

We only are not half as blessed

With averagely focused leaders


If our leaders have heads at all

It must be the size of their belly button

Such a vestigial central element

With lost function since their very birth


That truly must be their state

Or worse, yes, because ants think with their heads

Building castle and keeping for rainy days

Which our leaders have no clue about


One may then wonder aloud

Had we been under the leadership of ants

For over fifty years of our false freedom

We perhaps may be better off as a nation


The thinking of our leaders is so primordial

Little wonder they yet wallow

In a state of survival of the fittest

Eating rapaciously with their twenty digits


In a world where orders are kept

The crop of our so-called leaders

Should be goaded like the he goat

Pointing them to the path of followership


To think that we have leaders today

Is to have removed cap from our head

To cap the navel, and relieve our feet its duties

Strapping the occiput with our sandal




8 thoughts on “Headless Naija & the Shoeless men” by Babalola Ibisola VABI (@Babalolaibisola)

  1. constitency is the rule…good job!

  2. Shoeless past… ehmn that should be our president.Your poem is laden with imageries and allusions at various junctions.Well done. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Guess it is just a sling, @sambrightomo. Those wearing white should stay clear!

      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Nice use of imagery…

    1. Thank you @topazo.

      Here is a deep reaching for the deep!

  4. In the midst of plenty
    The people have nothing,
    Yet some few have all!

  5. interesting

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