life is a matter of choice, a common saying

life and death are the choices of life

every man wish for the life

but not all is living

when a man wakes at the brake of the day

he either chooses to work or to fun

that separates the men from the boys, a say

the men work the boys fun

life itself is a choice

a life were those who fun hope positively

those who work also hopes positively

every decision of humans hopes to a positive choice

every creatures cries out to his/her chi

to favour a positive choice

oh! God our creature our chi

let our choices grace us peace

5 thoughts on “Choice” by phemmy (@phemmy)

  1. I think the simplicity of the piece is not an advantage – because the theme is a popular one, I should think it would benefit from stronger lines and better imagery. You need to tighten this up.

    And then…”brake of day” should be ‘break of day’.

  2. nice structure..

    1. thanks for the comment @borry

  3. This could be better written and there were typos and grammatical errors…
    Nice message
    Well done

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