She was the finest i have ever seen

Clothed in beauty

like flowers and grasses green.

I stood and gazed,lost in thought

while my eyes upon her bosom laid


Even the wisest cannot tell

how her frame curves beneath her waist

her smile and eyes, soothes me

when with troubles my heart is faced .


Who can say what lies in her heart?

Perharps she wishes i listen when she speaks?

or she seeks to be the softness in my life

when my soul unto hardness is pressed?.


Will I not love such a wonder?

Strong and tender

Both her features.

Like the sun at noon

they are always sure to shine.


-Umekwe. U

7 thoughts on “Woman” by Uzoma Umekwe (@uzomaumekwe)

  1. Bola (@basittjamiu)

    nice lines.
    Kind of like romance lines.

  2. @uzomaumekwe another affection laden poem. Hmmm. Check third line: ‘like flowers and grasses green’. Wouldn’t that suggest that flowers are green? #ust how I read it?

  3. Lime 8: ‘ her smile and eyes……’ I think for rhyme,maybe ‘her eyes and smile’, might have been great. I like the way you contrast its effect,that it soothes in the face of hardship. Nice.

  4. Line 10: ‘perharps’, spelling error? ‘Perhaps’

  5. Great write still, thanks.

  6. @dolphineyes you should be called ‘eagle eyes’..lol. Thanks for the constructive critiqing…With sharp-eyed readers like you reading my poems I am definitely on my way to perfecting my skills..Cheers.

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