The Female Handbag: More Than Fashion

The Female Handbag: More Than Fashion

 Queen Elizabeth and her “success-aiding-accessory”
Queen Elizabeth and her “success-aiding-accessory”

Long before the coinage of the word feminism, in the era when women were defined by and confined to the kitchen, a woman’s extra-domestic success was attributed to her beauty or “bottom power”. But today, women are creating, fulfilling and living great dreams. They are heading governments, departments, ministries and agencies and achieving great feats not because of their Beauty, but because of their brain, brawn and most importantly their bags. Yes, you read right; their hand bags.
The female hand bag has ceased to be a mere fashion accessory and is now playing a big role in the success of women the world over. In recent years the size of their hand bags has increased and with that increase came more capacity and with that came a high propensity to succeed.

Most men like to commute light- wallet, mobile phone, a file folder and nothing more- but women with their gargantuan bags are ever ready to tackle challenges because such bags can carry every tool a woman needs to achieve goals. I lost two phones in a vehicle early last year, they must have slid out of my pocket or I was “pick pocketed”; a hand bag would have prevented that. This seems to be the reason women rarely lose their purses or mobile phones. Hence, some men (like myself) have realised the importance of these “success-aiding-accessories” and are now emulating the women. It is not uncommon to see men, formally or casually dressed with backpacks/sling bags.

Queen Elizabeth, Margaret Thatcher, Hillary Clinton, Angela Merkel, Oprah Winfrey, and Beyonce; all these women epitomize success and have their hand bags ever by their sides.

Hilariously, in September 2010, an Australian political journal publishing a humiliatingly silly attack on Julia Gillard (the Prime Minister), suggesting that she is somehow elitist because she doesn’t carry a handbag. This media episode became known as Handbag-gate. The female handbag is indeed, more than fashion. It is a tool for efficiency and success.

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  1. Awesome ‘subject’… But you barely scratch the surface…

    1. @ibagere thanks for the comment. please expansiate further..

    1. @kaycee Yes, seriously!!!

  2. Straight to the point but honestly, this was not funny.

    1. @igweaj I am sorry about that. i posted after work and was in a hurry to catch the I will be more careful next time :(

  3. I see where u are trying to go with the humor. It is a light-hearted read all the same.

  4. My colleague lost her new BB right inside her sizable handbag.

    I’m tempted to say that this story is incomplete…more like prologue
    Perhaps you should try and take it further to discover the story embedded beneath this surface

    You can make it better
    …my opinion

  5. Your bit is like an unsharpened pencil – I don’t get the point, lol

    1. lol…the point is that The Female Handbag is now More Than a Fashion item. its a “success-aiding-accessory”

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