Lookout for Miss Right-Episode 23

In five minutes we were dressed and seated in Femi’s car. The drive to the hospital was charged with tension. I could tell that worry was killing Oscar. There was nothing we could do to ease his pain.

When we arrived at the hospital, Oscar jumped out of the car and ran in, leaving the rest of us behind. When we finally caught up with him, he was standing with a woman I presumed to be Abbey’s mother.

“Should we join them?” Femi asked no one particular.

“Hold on. I think Abbey’s mum is chewing out Oscar.” Flores replied.

Flores was right, from the scene in front of us; we could tell that Mrs Itohan was not very happy with Oscar.

“He deserves it, anyways” Flores said. “I mean, why would he just break up with the poor girl without a second thought?”

“He probably wasn’t thinking” I replied.

She threw me a scathing look, she was obviously still mad at me. “I think most men hardly think before they act.” She said.

“Only sometimes. We all make mistakes.” I replied defensively.

She eyed me and turned away to see Oscar approaching.

“What’s up?” Femi asked

Oscar shook his head as he came to a stop in front of us. “She fainted some hours ago, they couldn’t revive her, so they rushed her to the hospital. She’s in an induced coma now. The doctor said the cancer is spreading…and if they don’t do something about it now, there might be no hope.”

“Oh my God” Flores gasped. “So what’s the solution?”

“To fly her to a well-equipped hospital in India where she will get adequate treatment.” Oscar replied.

“So, what’s stopping them?” I asked.

“ The obvious. Money. We need nothing less than three million to foot her bills, including her visa and flight ticket.”

“How much have the parents raised so far?” Femi asked.

Oscar shrugged. “Her mum said they have little over a million, and it’s a bank loan to be paid back with interest.” He sighed. “What am I going to do now? I know I caused her recent breakdown and I feel so terrible about it. Maybe if I hadn’t broken up with her, she’d still be okay. God, I love that woman so much! I can’t bear it if something happens to her.”

We all did our best to console him, while Femi stepped aside to make a phone call. This was terrible news for us; even though we felt a bit betrayed by Abbey, we knew the effect her death would have on Oscar. We might also lose our friend forever! Even as we did our best to be supportive, I had no doubt we were all brainstorming on how to help our friend out of his predicament. Where could we get two million without blinking an eye? Though my bank savings was a sizeable amount, it was nothing compared to what Oscar needed.

“Her mum is pretty mad at me. She told me she advised Abbey to tell me about her health problem; but Abbey obviously wanted to deal with on her own.” Oscar was saying. “Now, they won’t even let me see her.”

Femi re-joined our little group, a large smile on his face.

“Uh…Oscar, do you feel like taking a trip now?” he asked, grinning mischievously.

“A trip ? I…I don’t understand.” Oscar stammered. “I can’t leave here, I want to be here when she wakes up.”

We saw Femi slip a piece of paper into Oscar’s hand, still smiling. “I guarantee you’ll wanna make this trip.”

Flores and I looked on as Oscar unfolded the paper and read its contents. His jaw dropped.

“What is it?” Flores asked.

“Two…two million?!” Oscar was addressing Femi. “What for?”

Femi leaned forward and patted Oscar on the back; “Go treat the woman you love.”

“B…but…just like that? Do you have that kind of money to spend, Femi?” Tears were beginning to fall from our friend’s eyes.

“What exactly did you do, Fems?” Flores asked.

“He wrote me a cheque of two million naira; which covers the expenses for Abbey’s treatment” Oscar said in awe.

“Femi?” I glanced at him, he seemed so calm. “That’s wonderful! That’s good news!”

We all rejoiced, before Oscar ran off to tell Mrs Itohan the good news. A new admiration for Femi formed in my heart; I hadn’t known my friend was this benevolent. That was a really large sum of money, and it had never crossed my mind that Femi would have that kind of money to give away. Suddenly, I could see the light in the tunnel, there was still hope for Oscar and Abbey. They could be happy again!

After talking to Mrs Itohan, Oscar came back to us and said he had to go to the bank to cash the cheque. I could see excitement on his face. He had been totally transformed from the gloomy man of yesterday. He informed us that he was wasting no time at all, as soon as he cashed the cheque; he was going to start making arrangements for her visa.

None of us dared ask if he was back together with Abbey, his actions said it all.

The weekend ended on a good note apart from my little entanglement with Barbs and Sonia. Soon, Monday arrived and a new week started. I was relieved when I got no call from Sonia all day. Just as I was beginning to think that she had given up on me and my life was back to normal, I got a call on Tuesday. It was our last born; Jemimah.

“Hey sis…what’s up?” I said as I picked the call, it had been a while since I had spoken to her, and she rarely called except to ask for credit. “How much recharge do you need this time?” I teased.

“Haha…very funny.” Was her smart rejoinder. “For your info, I don’t need credit from you. Not now, sha.”

“So…what is it? Is Mum okay?”

“Yes. Actually, she has a visitor now. That’s what I wanted to talk to you about.”

“Her visitor?”

“Yes. She says she’s your girlfriend.” My sister was giggling.

“Girlfriend?” I asked bewildered.

“Yes. She says her name is Sonia, and you both are dating.”

Oh my God!


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