Human Being? by Ndubuisi

Human Being? by Ndubuisi


Who am I?

Am I a human Being?

When I think only about myself

And ignore you – my neighbor?


Who are you?

Are you a Human Being?

When you think only about material things;

And ignore God’s creation?


Who are we?

Are we Human Beings?

When we think only about created things;

And ignore God, the Creator?

5 thoughts on “Human Being? by Ndubuisi” by Delaur (@delaur)

  1. @delaur, this is nice. Short and punchy. The message is clear.

  2. Nice. Could use more imagery though.

  3. I like this – just as it is because its just straight to the point.

    Anything more might just obscure the message.


  4. I like the triad nature of the ontological questions.
    @delaur that’s simple & sound.

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