Fake Christians!

Fake Christians!

They are clad in jealousy and envy!
They won’t thank God for your break through . .
Until you have told them how it came to be!
If they serve God . .they serve him cause they don’t want to go to hell!

Those “churchgoers” who clean the front seat!
Staring into the eyes of the preacher
As if he was a direct light from heaven!
Those hypocrites and Pharisees!
The lot who condemned Christ!
Those noise makers . .
Who shout down the walls of Jericho in their respective homes!

Why show us your body?
Why must we believe that you are born again?
Why must you hide your true nature from us? Men like you!
You think he doesn’t know?
Within you . . Is the judgment you crave!
“For every man knows the reason why he or she won’t make heaven”

“For what shall it profit a man . . If he gains all and loses his soul”!
What shall it profit a Christian . if in the end .
He finds himself/herself amongst the people he/she condemned here on earth?
Heaven and hell will be too upset to condemn such a person!
A fake Christian !

Inspired by:
My noise making neighbors. . Who shout everyday . Yet they destroy families with their excruciating gossip!


3 thoughts on “Fake Christians!” by E.C.Dickson (@darkpoet)

  1. Bola (@basittjamiu)

    yes you are right!
    fake christain they truly.

  2. lol @ your neighbours. However, being a Christian does not translate to perfection. God has need of the ‘fakest’ of christians also (if that word should even be used). Nice poem :)

  3. Hehehe…I guess your anger made you write this hurriedly. Nice theme but the craft needs polish. In the first place the “He/she” dichotomy is quite inelegant here. Work around that. Channel your anger to beauty.

    Well done.

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