Epistle Of Love 1

Dearest aminaata,
I still remember how I met you, how we had come to live together that people had never for once defer from startling, how a pair could be so close without even a string of unhappiness or a sense of emptiness between us.

The day I met you, I still remember, it was on the faithful day of 12th of june, 2010. During the weekly briefing of ours.

If you still can remember, I was the general overseer of our little interactive and informative society, termed ‘press club’.

I won’t have met you, neither could you have recognized me but sometimes I still seconded this literary giant, professor Wole Soyinka. In his quote, which says; “the birds which are meant to fly together will find there selves in the same tree” I think, I could really say that was the theory of how I met you. And I was glad I did.

It is not that I had never knew that you were in the school. It is not that I am beginning to see you on that day for the first time, But that day was the day you touched my life completely and differently, that no other person had, and will ever do.

Though, you will find it quite difficult to remember now—- telling you now, will not overemphasized my motive. Rather, it gives me the sense of re-union to gather my musing better.

On that day,

We were in the SS2 classroom having our weekly meetings, if you can still remember, that weekly executive briefings, held promptly, every Wednesday by 2;30pm to 4;00pm, And for every executive we vowed to pay some amount duly in other to support our society.

So, when the meeting had been concluded and it is time for us to put down our weekly dues, ——I found out that my money was missing. As the president and the general overseer of the press club, they never expect me to show a bad example to the executives by not paying my weekly due. I searched my pocket stylishly with mild irritation, perhaps it might be on the other side of my pocket.

I searched

And searched

But I found nothing

It was on that time you had noticed me and you stylishly called me outside like the way a friend will call his pair to a heart-to-heart ear whisper chit-chat. I followed you outside, standing there with you not saying a word, you deeped your hand in your pocket and gave me a huge amount. I asked ‘why?’ but you smiled and told me to go and pay my due. Standing there not knowing what to say or do. I heard a voice that sounded like you, saying; “won’t you say thank you” you said while smiling. I was about to muster what you just taught me, you locked your hands in my two lips and you told me you were only joking. Nevertheless, I still managed to say ‘thank you’.

I moved to the class indescribably elated, you saved my honor that day, you showed me the kindness in you that day, and you showed me too that your shinny oval face wasn’t just for fancy, so is your heart too. You really showed me that your heart is more than your beautiful face.

From that day we became friends, we begin to show deeper interest for each other and so, as our friendship grow blossomly.

That interest has germinated into something I will call ‘ a pair of one soul’ it was then I realized I can’t do without you, even for a day. It was then I knew, I was affected by you, and it is from then I knew that I had changed.

I remembered I was still that lonely guy before I met you, but when I found you, I found myself.

Yes! I found myself.

I found the happy person in me; I found that kindness and caring person in me. I found something special in me that I knew I never had before. It was then I knew that I am in lo….?

No, not love!….

I am affected by you, no I am………

I don’t even know what I am in.

But whatever it was, I was not bold enough to tell you, which were my biggest regret so far.

I really regret this.

I still remember that funny stories you used tell me concerning you and your family. I still remember how we used to spent our past-time laughing and chatting together and how you always catch me staring at your beautiful, oval shaped face, with those charming dimples when it glows with startling smile.

“Oh! I quiver!.” With that heart pumping sexy talks of yours, breezing with dazzling smile.

And when you asked me ‘Why?’

I said ‘nothing’………while I know there are many things I would like to say which I was not bold enough to say to you.

Keeping that thing in me makes me shiver but what option had I got? I never knew what your reaction will be if I say what I felt, And I never want to loose you. So, I jilted the feelings inside me to burn me till death, Rather than say it and loose you. Because I knew at this point in time, if I stupidly loose you, then, I lost my concentration.

Do you still remember how we used to stay in moore garden even after the break time? How you showed me the most enormous secret of yours that you had never told or showed to anyone.

How we used to tease each other and learn together.

“I wish I can turn the hands of destiny.”…….

“Destiny waits for No one.” so my teacher used to tell me, that is why I am using this epistle, to take you once more into the memory lain.

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  1. This is full of spelling errors and grammatical errors that it made it hard to read and flow with. you need to re edit this

  2. Bola (@basittjamiu)

    @topazo,okay thanks.

  3. @basittjamiu nice but I expected more from you……….

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