Echoes Of Poverty

Life has taught me nothing
But poverty has taught me something
That to live in great lack
Is to lack a great life

Toiling heavily day and night
I’ve tried hard to make things just and right
But each time I try to hit that mark
It always seems to be raised higher

Each day I forge through with great pains
Hoping to make great gains
But losses I’ve made the same way
Just like every other day

Each day I return to meet anger
My kids’ eyes burns frequently with hunger
Each day my heart is torn apart
By the piercing cry of my children’s lack

Once I tried to live by faith
Deep in my pocket went my hands
Expecting stones to turn to bread
Only to be met by empty echoes…
…Echoes of great poverty

But hope arises on the horizon
Far beyond the mountains of defeat
I see a future filled with great feast
A future that holds a destiny…
That life itself cannot deny!

9 thoughts on “Echoes Of Poverty” by Vikart (@Avictomama)

  1. Bola (@basittjamiu)

    This is purely exclusive.
    Poverty is one thing we do face, but we do hope for the better.
    Nice one@avictomama

  2. Beautifuly written. Understandable too. Nice one.

  3. I looove this. The hope at the end. Amazing.

  4. Hmmm…this is nice. The most refreshing craft I have seen in a while too.

    Well done.

  5. Uyiosa (@wordsfromuyi)

    Your words burn with hunger, enjoyed it

  6. It’s nice.

    That’s the best I can say. Nice.

  7. Thank’s everyone. Suprisingly, when i wrote this, i didn’t know it would elicit this much comments! I really underated the poem.

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