ACE 4.0 Awards!

Some years ago, my Mum visited me at my Cares Global Network office in Ilupeju. On her way out, I decided to take a stroll with her in the hope of treating her to lunch at a nearby restaurant. We walked the length of Town Planning Way and there was no single eatery! That was before Sweet Sensation re-opened.

I had also noticed a number of young people who have resorted to selling recharge cards or drinks along the road where they endanger their lives by running after motorists in the hope of making a honest living. We counselled and encouraged some of them to return to school or learn a vocational skill but funding was a major obstacle. So we decided to partner with them under the Anne’s Café Empowerment (ACE) Project.

Anne’s Café came as an idea to fill the gap of available and affordable lunch for workers in and around Ilupeju. While I want to continue to empower young people, I wonder if we should restrict the empowerment to one idea or one location.

While rethinking the idea, God brought to my remembrance how a seed of empowerment sowed into my self development some years ago enhanced what I do today. You must have read the story:

About 10 years ago, my friend’s boyfriend seeing my desire and devotion to self development, gave me N10, 000 which I used as balance payment for my top notch computer training.

Their love did not survive (I mean my friend and her boyfriend), the training company went bankrupt (where is Tranter and the classy ExecuTrain today)… but the fruit from the seed is one I’m still savouring. That gift horned my typing skills, birthed my internet skills and changed the face of my writing talent forever.

In celebration of 40 years of God’s love and faithfulness, I am revisiting this initiative but instead of running it as a CGN project, I am inviting friends to join me in 4 laudable projects tagged #ACE 4.0 Project:

1. The ACE Awards:
Organisations and Individuals who work with the less privileged will be invited to nominate 40 people for whom 10, 000 Naira will make a difference. Omolola and her friends will empower 40 Nigerians with the sum of 400, 000 Naira.

These people need not be educated or on the internet, you will be responsible for nominating them. Please ensure that the nomination is not out of pity but out of the need to help and the assurance that the fund will be used as approved. Once your nominee is approved, you or our representative will present the money (or kit, equipment, product etc) to him/her, take a picture of the presentation and follow-up to ensure the money is used accordingly. Thereafter, you or our representative will report to us how the gift empowered the person.

10, 000 Naira may appear small but it can be the difference between one level and the other for someone, while it can be a life saver for another.


We have just 48hours to the review of the next cycle of ACE 4.0 Awards! Hurry now to nominate (by filling the Awards Nomination Form) that mechanic, house help, apprentice, pure water sales lad, under-bridge resident, street hawker, SSCE hopeful… indigent in Nigeria. If you don’t know any, trust me when I say you are privileged and should not withhold your hands from donating towards our cause (kindly request bank details). For rules, see Omolola’s Hub.

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