From the day I was born I was made to know I was a woman From the “Ohs” and “Ahs” and the words of congratulations to my proud parents
I knew and understood everyone’s expectation of my role as female
“Ohhh, in no time she would be up and about running errands for you”
“Ahhh, daughters are such a blessing, they look after their parents in old age”
“Ahh she should be betrothed to a good family.”
“You know a good daughter would fetch a good bride price for her father especially if she is hard working and beautiful”
“She would make a good wife for a strong man”
“Hmmm I hope she grows up to be fat and supple like her mother, You know fertile bodies are not stick thin and dry !”
“We must put beautiful beads around her waist to enhance her curves!”
“She will bear many daughters cant you see her cheeks?”
“ No she will bear many sons”
“Ohhh we cant wait to have her ears pierced !”
“Ohh Look at her thick black hair, we should always keep it nice, long and plaited! !”
“You can tell from her gums that she would have a gap in her teeth, men like that you know.”
“Ahhh a good daughter this..”
“Ohhh a good daughter that ..”
Humph ! A woman has soooo MANY uses
Here they were all seated at my naming ceremony celebrating my functions
Even the name I was going to be given had a meaning based
On my importance , function or circumstances surrounding my birth
But then my grandfather came in and instructed, I be named Blessing
“A woman is a blessing,” he said simply.

4 thoughts on “Woman” by OLUNOSEN a.k.a #SimpleEsanGirl (@ooluss)

  1. I like this. Serious props to your grandfather :) We have so many ‘uses’ than cloud up our identity.

  2. I like that conclusion… very good poem.

  3. Masterly crafted

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