Verses for Fatimah I

Verses for Fatimah I


I know your name

Oceans roar on its invocation

Splashing salty soot at tall palms

Lions and tigers mellow

Granting amnesty to entrapped games

And the square Iroko ceases shelling appendages

The sacred floor maintained sparkling.


Who dares deny an elephant’s passage?

Only those with accessoried pinnae feign ignorance

Of the blaring horn of slowing trains

Even the blind gets the memo of threatening rain

I know the colour of your oriki

Its signature brightly burnt on hippocampus

With such ease and pleasure, hormones pumped

No amnesia could ever erase.



8 thoughts on “Verses for Fatimah I” by layrite (@layrite)

  1. This…this is a nicely written poem. Essence unveiled, imageries trapped, diction given a smooth flow- it is easy to notice the spontenous flow of emotions as you wrote these lines. I have nothing against this art…but as a poet I have reasons to believe that the poem is not yet complete. The emotions you are painting cannot be captured in just these few lines. You surely need more work on it. But its nice. Really nice.

  2. I like..the depth of resounding beat.

  3. I really like this

  4. A very good effort!
    Seems though like there was a deliberate effort to ‘over-trope’ the poem. I think a little bit of tightening will make this poem and excellent one!

  5. Nice! My best line: Lions and tigers mellow / Granting amnesty to entrapped games.

    But I agree with @doremi: the poem doesn’t seem complete to me, especially because you started the poem with the name of a person, who we are eager to know more about or read a concluding end to the matter that brought her up.

    Well done @layrite.

    1. But then, I have just seen that it is a first part.

  6. Hmmmmmmmmmnnnnnn!

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