There Is No Love Without Sacrifice

There Is No Love Without Sacrifice


There is no love without sacrifice

when fallen in love without enemy

That love will forever last

Still in love with the past relationship of others

Makes the present love fall

A refine relationship

Maybe a defile relationship

He who lives for gold

Misses the purpose of life

He who lives for honour

Is yet to discover why he lives

But he who lives for love

Lives for the true purpose of life

Enmity, Enmity more demanding than friendship

But war is more far costlier than peace

Smooth friendship hings on caring

Happy marriage thrives on share


There is no love without sacrifice

Feelings of the past must be absent

For the present love to last

Sharing, Caring, feelings for each other

Are what we call real love

Love is all about sharing your thoughts

Your future brings the fruit of present love

If really shared with your loved ones



3 thoughts on “There Is No Love Without Sacrifice” by richard mbanefo (@richardmbanefo)

  1. Well done Sir

    Line 2:

    /when fallen in love without
    can be written as:

    /when in love without
    for economy.

    Stay inspired

  2. I didn’t get the second line;
    ‘When fallen(falling) in love without enemy(enemity)’

    ‘A refine’d’ relationship’
    ‘May be a define’d’ relationship’

    Keep getting better.

    Well done.

  3. so true – no love without sacrifice

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