Souls is what calls a human
Souls is that piece of flesh in you

That dimunitive flesh that controls
The major path of you
Souls the empty full cover

Souls like the hero or vilain
Souls like the protagonist and the antagonist

Souls of harsh society and creeping hushs
Souls of eyes of the beholder

Souls of the cutting toast of the righteous purity
Souls of the astray

Oh! Soul,
your possessor to the right way
Guide him to all good fortune

Soul is what makes you
That is you: I mean you!

7 thoughts on “Souls” by Bola (@basittjamiu)

  1. kind of deep but… Nice. Engaging.

  2. @louis, thanks lactoo, my thoughts exactly.

  3. I know this is meant to be philosophical, but the repetitiveness of the “souls” at the earlier lines was not in correct tenses. There is a blend of the construct of soul at the ephemeral with the unseen. I guess your view isn’t fully developed.

  4. @carlobasi, thanks for reading, I will work on it.

  5. I think you need to re-write this. Tense issues, and you kinda got it mixed up

  6. @topazo, Thanks, I will do just that.

  7. @basittjamiu
    this is good oooooooooo

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