Razor Tongue 4

Daniel Oluwadamilare stood outside the party hall, gazing at the darkened sky.

“The moon looks beautiful, doesn’t it?”

He turned around and when he saw Sheila, he smiled and shook his head slightly. He returned his attention to the sky.

“Ah! I know that smile… That shake of head… They have told you about me, haven’t they?” She stood beside him, looking up at the sky.

He refused to comment.

“I know your type, you don’t like dabbling into family matters… good choice.”

Daniel slipped his hands into his pockets.

“What are you doing out here? Bored of Martha already?”

“They were right about you.” She turned to meet his expressionless gaze. “You have a very sharp tongue.”

She chuckled and looked away.

“Have a good night Sheila,” He turned to leave. She reached out for his hand. His questioning stare met her mischievous ones.

“Why don’t you stay out here with me… for a little while…”

He pulled his hand away.

” I want to know the man my aunt wants to marry.”


Martha, Dorcas and Eureka sat away from the crowd. Most people had gone home, but a few family and friends were still around. Many of them were on the dancing floor, enjoying the diverse music played by the DJ.

“Where is your hunk?” Eureka winked at her sister-in-law. Dorcas started to laugh. She was so happy for her elder sister.

“My darling is receiving a phone call outside, come to think of it, he has been gone a while.”

Dorcas and Eureka exchanged glances and started laughing.

“What is so funny?”

“You are worried about him already, welcome to the club,” Dorcas winked at her elder sister.


Eureka and Dorcas giggled and tried to hold back the laughter threatening to rip their lips apart. Martha sighted Daniel the moment he made his way back into the hall. Her face brightened and her lips widened in a big smile.

“Are you ready to leave?” He pulled her up.

“I… ” She looked at her sister.

“Get outta here sis, we can party without you,” Dorcas winked at her. Eureka nodded in agreement.

Martha met her fiance’s gaze, “Okay, let’s go.”

“Good night ladies.”

“Good night,” Dorcas and Eureka choroused.

He led her out of the hall and they made their way to the car park. They met Sheila seated on the bonnet of Daniel’s car and Martha had to restrain herself from lashing out at her.

“Get off the car,” her sharp tone wasn’t lost to Sheila who grinned and made no attempt to step down.

“I have a birthday gift for you,” She addressed her aunt and winked at Daniel who drilled her with an angry look.

“Get down from the car this moment!” Her voice rose a notch.

Her niece pointed at Daniel’s breast pocket. He placed a hand on it and noticed that something was inside his pocket. His fiancee dipped her hand in and pulled out a silky pant. She gasped in shock and dropped it as if it had burned her fingers.

Sheila let out a throaty laugh. Martha looked at her, then at Daniel whose gaze was fixed on the underwear.

“Revenge is sweet,” She winked at her aunt and stepped down from the car. Daniel met his fiancee’s troubled gaze.

“I don’t know how it got there… Honestly, I don’t…” He looked at the underwear, then at Sheila.

Martha looked at her neice. She was trying not to think. She was trying very hard to block all the thoughts that have ravaged her mind since she pulled out the pant from Daniel’s pocket. Oh God please…

“I told you, you were going to regret hitting me… ” Sheila eyed her and started to walk away.

Did her neice put the underwear in her fiance’s pocket? Whose is it? What is going on? What had Sheila done?

“Sheila… ”

She halted and turned to face her aunt. The woman looked as if she had seen a ghost. Well, she brought it on herself.

“What is the meaning of this?”

She smiled, “Your so called husband-to-be has been a very, very naughty boy,” She started to laugh, turned and walked away.

Martha faced Daniel. “Did you… What happened?”

“Nothing!” He tried to draw her close but she stepped away.

“Martha… ”

She slipped off her engagement ring.

“No, no, no Martha…” He refused to take it from her. She dropped it on his bonnet. He reached out for her, but she slapped his hands off.

“Don’t you dare touch me!”

“Baby… It’s me… ” He closed the gap between them.

“What happened?”

“Baby… ”

“How did her pant get into your pocket?” Her pained voice tore at his heart. He began to shake his head.

“Baby… She… We didn’t… Nothing happened.”

Tears flowed down her face, her heart seemed to have stopped beating. Sheila has just messed up her happiness in the name of revenge. She felt like killing that niece of hers.

“Did… Did you touch her?”

He began to shake his head again, “No… Yes, not like I touch you…”

She turned around and started walking.


She ignored him and returned to the party hall.

He placed both hands on his head. He loved this woman more than the air he breathes. That niece of hers was trouble with a capital ‘T’. How was he going to get out of this? Oh God! Oh God help me!

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  1. Much better. Kudos!

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  5. ah, sheilah no try at all. Haba, that’s not revenge, its wickedness.

    1. No be small wickedness

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    @olan… Serious wickedness

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  7. Sheila is heartless.

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    1. That would be mean, don’t you think? I think a child that is going off should be corrected

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