In blacks she was covered
Her secret discovered
Revelation of bald head
Agonic laughter

Her eyes rivers of waters
Her cry never the matter
The dead never to be cursed
The crime only to be judged

Never a more proof found
Yet she bears no frailty
Never a law suit filed
Lest she prove not guilty

Our brother the witch murdered

My husband I mothered

Mother murders not he said
The only witness is dead

Sympathy ƒσя Nnuego
A modern victim of an aged tradition.

8 thoughts on “Nnuego” by ash the dream (@ash04)

  1. A touching piece.

    Nice one.


  3. I smell your feminist theme. I love your approach to the subject, just as much as your simplicity of diction. It’s a good poem, I must admit. However, I’m yet to belive in the existence of a perfect poem. I do not like the broken chains of your lines. Feminist-themed poems should, as a custom, contain deep, simple lines that convey overflowing emotions…which is why usually, such lines run into others. Am not saying that the absence of those lines running-on makes it a flaw in your poem. Like I said, I love your approach to the subject.

  4. @doremi point well made and duly noted. Thanks a lot

  5. Deep. I like it.

  6. I like this. You approached each line with care.

    Well done.

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