Lovers or Friends

Lovers Or Friends.

He was going to propose to her. He had everything planned out. The engagement ring, the restaurant, his line; every aspect was considered and taken care of. He called her to confirm the meeting, she had tests in school the next week, but they agreed that he should come pick her up by 7 pm that evening.

Juwon met Dave about a year ago, at a seminar in the University. Dave was a guest speaker and Juwon kept asking very brilliant questions, he was impressed and asked to answer all her questions over lunch. She agreed, and the rest is history as they say.

One year after, Juwon is in her final year studying Economics at the University of Lagos. In a couple of months, she and her best friend, Kunle, will become graduates and go on to pursue their individual dreams. They had been great friends for a while. They grew up together, attended same schools and always enjoyed each other’s company. They never saw each other beyond that point of being ‘just friends’, but it was hard explaining so to everyone, every time.

Dave knew about Kunle, he knew that he and Juwon were best of friends and he respected that, but he couldn’t deny that it bothered him a little. When he walked into Juwon’s room that evening, he saw Kunle sprawled on the floor in his boxer shorts, with books and sheets of paper scattered about the place. As he was taking that scene in Juwon stepped out of the bathroom with her towel wrapped around her wet body. She smiled at him slightly but he just stared on. She looked around and immediately realised the concerns on his mind at that moment. Dave walked out of the room as Kunle began to put on his clothes and prepared to leave.

Dave got to his car, opened the door and just sat there. He was upset with what he saw and just wanted to drive off. He was still contemplating the thought when Kunle stepped out with his phone to his ear. The urge to hit him hard on the face was strong, but he resisted and just sat there. Kunle walked up to him. “It’s not what you think Dave; we are just friends and nothing more.” Dave remained silent and didn’t even look at him. Kunle sighed and then put his hand in his pocket and brought out his phone, he punched a few buttons and asked Dave to look at the picture on the screen, “That’s my girlfriend; she is a student here as well.” Dave remained silent still. Kunle put the phone back in his pocket and walked away.

Juwon stepped out much later and they drove off in silence. His entire plan was already falling apart. They got to the restaurant and sat at their reserved table, the silence bothered Dave a lot, but he didn’t know what to say. “Do you want to talk about it?” Juwon asked. He just shook his head without looking at her. Just then, Kunle stepped in with a lady, the same one whose photo he had shown Dave earlier on. They walked up to where Dave and Juwon were seated. Dave was confused when she sat beside him and Kunle sat beside Juwon. “Hello Dave, my name is Nike.” she said stretching her hands for a handshake.

Juwon took it up from there. “Dave, meet Nike, Kunle’s girlfriend and my very good friend too.” Nike smiled and nudged Dave a little, “Ain’t nothing happening between these two knuckleheads Dave, I assure you. I’ll be the first to kill Kunle if he does anything stupid.” She winked at Kunle who just chuckled. “Are we gonna eat or what, I’m starving,” Nike continued as beckoned on the waiter to come attend to them. “Oya, Juwon, come over and sit by your husband before I get too comfortable by his side.” They swapped seats. Dave bowed his head a little for a while, when he raised it up again, he whispered into Juwon’s ear, “I’m sorry,” and then he kissed her. Kunle smiled and Nike clapped loudly that heads turned towards them. The waiter came, took their orders and they had a great evening together.

34 thoughts on “Lovers Or Friends.” by Scopeman (@scopeman60)

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    Olan (@Olan): Scribe - 16319 pts

    Nice, this seems to be a common trend these days

    1. Profile photo of Scopeman
      Scopeman (@scopeman60): Head Wordsmith - 67729 pts

      Is it now…hmmm.

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    Salliness (@Salliness): Scribe - 11230 pts

    Nice. I feel the story is incomplete though. Did Dave still propose?

    1. Profile photo of Scopeman
      Scopeman (@scopeman60): Head Wordsmith - 67729 pts

      @Salliness I believe it is quite complete, I believe Dave’s apology and kiss suggests a proper end for the story.

      1. Profile photo of Salliness
        Salliness (@Salliness): Scribe - 11230 pts

        @scopeman60 I’m not saying it isn’t, it’s not my story, I said I ‘feel’…

        1. Profile photo of Scopeman
          Scopeman (@scopeman60): Head Wordsmith - 67729 pts

          @Salliness Okay.

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    topazo (@topazo): Head Wordsmith - 65200 pts

    Hmmm…for every great friendship between opposite sexes, there should be a line, and methinks those 2 hv crossed it.

    Nice story. I liked how it ended.

    1. Profile photo of Scopeman
      Scopeman (@scopeman60): Head Wordsmith - 67729 pts

      @topazo Indeed there should be a line…I’m glad you liked it.

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    schatzilein (@schatzilein): Scribe - 12785 pts

    Had a friend like that…used to do alnost everything together hntill he started dating some skanky azz girl…she started acting the friendship kinda died…but such friends does exist

    1. Profile photo of Scopeman
      Scopeman (@scopeman60): Head Wordsmith - 67729 pts

      @schatzilein Awww…I’m sorry about that. It is not easy for the partner to embrace such relationships between friends.

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    Eletrika (@babyada): Head Wordsmith - 46018 pts

    This kind of relationship is usually really hard oh, because most times, the two friends end up developing feelings for each other.

    Well done.

    1. Profile photo of Scopeman
      Scopeman (@scopeman60): Head Wordsmith - 67729 pts

      Very true, and then they both continue to live in denial, or act on their feelings secretly @babyada

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    Holds true, such relationships. Nice one @scopeman60, reads real, good pace too, the end is good for a flash…

    1. Profile photo of Scopeman
      Scopeman (@scopeman60): Head Wordsmith - 67729 pts

      Thanks @excellency I’m glad you enjoyed it.

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        You’re very well welcome sire.

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    Jaywriter (@jaywriter): Junior Writer - 2700 pts

    Nice one. Well written. Someone said the story felt incomplete and I agree.

    But I enjoyed it all the same.

    We need such friends as long as the got musing abilities.

    1. Profile photo of Scopeman
      Scopeman (@scopeman60): Head Wordsmith - 67729 pts

      lol…only the ‘musing abilities’ yeah? @jaywriter

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    Scopeman (@scopeman60): Head Wordsmith - 67729 pts

    PART 2 is available now…go here to read:

  10. Profile photo of Myne
    Myne (@Myne): Wordsmith - 39170 pts

    I decided to read this only after seeing the part two is ready. Great beginning 🙂

    1. Profile photo of Scopeman
      Scopeman (@scopeman60): Head Wordsmith - 67729 pts

      I’m glad you enjoyed it…Part 3 Coming soon!

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    chukwudi (@bigclip): Newbie - 455 pts

    Nice work
    If their would be a part 2
    Do it as soon as possible

    1. Profile photo of Scopeman
      Scopeman (@scopeman60): Head Wordsmith - 67729 pts

      @bigclip Part 2 is already available here: #Enjoy!

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    Nice story, but surely? do friends lie in your sitting room in briefs/boxers… more validity is needed…. i hope there is a part two to this to proof otherwise

    1. Profile photo of Scopeman
      Scopeman (@scopeman60): Head Wordsmith - 67729 pts

      @elovepoetry If you read the other parts of the story I’m sure your concerns will be duly assuaged : )

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    Da'Queen (@Estee): Wordsmith - 31627 pts

    Good write….

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    Writeman (@writeman): Writer - 7327 pts

    A nice piece! I think the title of the series alone provides enough ammunition for several plots.Well done.

  16. Profile photo of Efadel
    Efadel (@febidel): Senior Scribe - 27011 pts

    It’s a great start. I read part three first, and I just had to start from the very beginning, so I can enjoy the story. Off to part two.

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    Izuone (@Izuone): Junior Writer - 1659 pts

    Applause for what !

  18. Profile photo of kevin
    kevin (@kevindkind): Junior Writer - 1385 pts

    Very not bad! I hope people will go this far to make pease between friends, couples etc. Very not bad!!!

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    Nice one Scopeman. Those kind of frienship hardly exist. Most times feelings develop and if such feelings are one sided, the one nursing it prefers to live in denial.

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    Hmmmm……such feelinz hppnz, am a living testimony2such nd we r stil togeda.

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    a captivating piece…………..wondering how I missed out from the beginning…….

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