Love in Strange Places 4

Its been 5 years since Ty left. 5 years of the good, the bad and the ugly.

After Ty left I did my best to run the company. Mandy, my friend who was now married, got me two other PAs but they didn’t last more than a year each. I came to realize too late that it wasn’t incompetency that made me send them away after a year, it was about me. I had become too big to be corrected. I had become a little goddess who felt she could do as she like.

The truth was nobody understood me like Tyrone. Nobody…

So after sacking the last PA, I put the outfit in the care of my friend Mandy and moved to Connecticut.

The next 3 years was a slow downward trend to Hell. I featured in many films with some of Hollywood’s finest. With the popularity came the usual vices (money, sex, booze).

Settling down wasnt it for me even though I tried but it only lasted two years.

My lifestyle cost me a divorce and the custody of my daughter because my husband felt the child would be safe with him.

Had many flings after that… most of them one night stands. I met Sharon Stone at the after party of 2008 Grammy Awards and she introduced me to one of her producers.

The relationship peaked my profile in reverse. I started featuring in X rated movies because of the money and the fame too.

Its always lonely at the top. I’ve gotten to the zenith of my career, been around the world, engaged in all the vices and I came to the conclusion that its very… very lonely at the top.

In all those years of prodigal living, I didn’t know God still cared for me. Didn’t know He still had plans for me. I got afflicted with a strange ailment called Flake Syndrome. It causes the epidermal layer to begin to peel and drop off like the bark of a tree. No amount of money spent, churches, diviners etc produced a positive result. I was admitted at the ICU of Johns Hopkins Hospital. Thinking my life would soon be over, I called my lawyer, prepared my will. I left 50% to my daughter, 25% to Tyrone who I had lost contact with a long time ago. The remainder was to given to a foundation for orphan and motherless babies.

I found love again. I found my feet and my life turned around for good. You see, Tyrone had become a preacher in small church in Brooklyn. He told me The Holy Spirit kept nudging him to do hospital evangelism for the past 6 months.

When he saw my pitiable frame, he assured that nothing would happen to me, that what I needed was a leap of faith. He then shared with me Lazarus’ Story.He told d Doctors to discontinue their medication that God will heal me.

My room became his second home. I recall waking up most nights to see his kneeling frame by my bedsíde. In the mornings, he would retire to a nearby hotel he was staying to freshen up before coming at 8pm to keep watch and pray.

After 3 faith stretching months, I got healed, the pains ceased n my strength was restored. I owe my redemption to God and to my husband (we got married a year later).

Without them, I’d be dead. I moved to Brooklyn and became an associate pastor in charge of media outreach.

On a final note, I want the reader to know that love does exist in strange places.



5 thoughts on “Love in Strange Places 4” by Angelah Carson (@Katarah)

  1. Wow, i have followed the four episodes, nice write ups but it sounds so fairytale ish

  2. Wow, i have followed the four episodes, nice write ups but it sounds so fairytale ish

  3. You seem to be typing this from a phone cos I see so many abbreviatns. its a nice story though…but i ditto@Pinkice. Watch the tenses too. Nice write.

  4. You guys are right. This story was my first attempt at writing a full length narrative. It was inspired by one of Rihanna’s hit tracks of 2011 whose title is similar to that of this story. I was trying to portray the secret lives of Celebs. I achieved this by focusing on controversial Tonto Dikeh

  5. I like the story probably due to my love for fairytales #lol# Keep writing and getting better.

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