Life Of Kat.

My name is Kat, not black Kat or wicked Kat. I am blessed with black silky fur that shines the brown of roof shingle when the sun is out in the sky. I have emerald eyes that glow in the night. They are beautiful .I see them in my reflection in clear water during the rainy season.

I am from Cat town. A silent town in Nigeria, that is home to many unwanted cats. It has the scent of   fish smell. Delightful  to my nose. I live on the street. I am hardly hungry, there is enough to eat. If I can’t get food in the waste baskets there are enough rats to eat. Someday I catch the unwary bird.

“Wicked cat” said a woman in a wrapper, blouse and veil.” Leave my house” and she threw a stick at me .I ran on my four small legs, she reeked with wickedness.

I was thrown out on the street when I was a small Kitten. The only crime I had committed was to have black fur. Since I have no hand in my creation, I own no apology to the humans. They all reek with hatred. To be truthful, some humans have a softer smell.

Lady beautiful scent, who owns a white cat, is a good example. Her cat is a beautiful   spoiled   cat with brown stripes. The pampered thing never lives her house. She is always stroked. I envy that cat on cold rainy days, when the sky rages and throw tantrums of thunder bolts that make   me feel vulnerable and small. At such times I yearn for family.

Until a cold dark   raining  afternoon brought Sameer in to my life. I was laying under a battered blue Peugeot   504, when my upper lip lifted up and my nostrils twitched. I smelled a cat .It reeked of lonesomeness and suffering. The cat entered under the car. It was shivering like me .After sniffing him, we became comrades in cold. We snuggled close and a  cat- ship was made, Kat and Sameer friends forever.

Sameer had dry listless coat, and he shakes uncontrollable. He was suffering from an unknown illness. He had sores on his skin. There was nothing I could do for him .I had no knowledge of cat sickness. There is no charity for a sick cat; most humans were not charitable to themselves. I see children begging everywhere wearing round bowls on their head and rags and ringworms on their skin. They had no charity for cats; we were a form of sport. Each time the group of the beggars see us coming, they chased us .It seems they cherished the idea of  being better than us.

Sameer suffered   more; he was always tired and listless. Each time they ran after us, he takes time to recover. His brown eyes looked   like pain. He hardly had appetite and refuses to eat from waste bins, so we took to begging for food. We chose our favourite fish restaurant. The smell was like ambrosia. Fried, grilled, roasted fish filled the air .It was a Cat’s heaven. An open space fish restaurant decorated with white plastic chairs and white tables. We never care to look at the humans face, we begged in pitiful meows chanting for fish for the love of God. Women were more inclined to give us fish. Each time I stare at the women, sniffing I catch the scent of kindness. My eyes keep shouting save me, save me. No one answers; the humans are blind devils in disguise. I kept my thoughts to myself, Sameer had hatred towards humanity. His earliest memory was of helplessness, feeling choked in a brown sack   , tied and thrown away on a road to nowhere. He was freed when a beggar child, a fellow prisoner of fate opened the bag in search of good things of life. Sameer came out trembling with fear and suspicion. He never had any yearning for a family.

As for me, I was once loved. I lived with a family   for 12 weeks of my life. Until they moved with my mom and litter mates’ .They left me behind in a  carton in front of a three bedroom flat, because I was a black cat.  They made me feel   unloved, unwanted and helpless. Sometimes I wonder if there is space for me in the universe. I broke out of my reverie.

‘’Sameer,  we should go to the restaurant.’’

We went and we were surprised. The owner of the   restaurant kept a fish for us. It was a beautiful fish that  gleamed  silver in the sunlight. We ate happily and died choking out blood. We died together Sameer and I.

I had no name.

The lady restaurant picked our bodies and tied us in a black bag. She   threw us like garbage. My spirit looked on,  I vowed revenge and beg God for a boon. Sameer was happy to be free of pain, he looked beautiful a vibrant black cat.

I came back for my pound of flesh on a rainy winding  night. The lady was driving her   small blue  clean  Kia motor. I appeared suddenly on her windscreen. She screamed very loudly, staring at the black cat holding a silver Fish in its paws .I came for my pound of flesh. The car skid off   the road somersaulted.

They said she had a heart attack.

I say why kill what you can’t create.

I had hopes and dreams too.





16 thoughts on “Life Of Kat.” by khadijahmuhammad (@khadijahmuhammad)

  1. This was refreshingly different……….had me wondering if you are an animal rights activist. Twas funny in a way. However there were some typos. Good Job, keep writing

  2. @olan thanks for reading.

  3. Yea, seemed like an animal activist. Nice piece,

  4. @Jaywriter: no be small thing. :)
    Khadijah, thematically this is wonderful… Other than that, this sure looks like a first draft. In days past I would mention typos and such errors but experience on the site has shown me that most of the people here only put first drafts that they clean up later…
    So, do get this cleaned up a bit.

    Look towards the whole piece again. Do you think you can rework a few things? The tense does not work with the rest of the body. At the end, we discover that the Kat died… So, is there a way that the beginning can flow in past or something?
    The place with the ‘I had no name’ … what were you trying to convey there?
    Look at that place with ‘Lady Restaurant’ or something like that. What’s with that?

    Now, take your time and go through your whole tale again. You have a fine story there and it is waiting to come of its shell. There are lots of things that you can explore there… Maybe make that appearing thing at the end to be like the celebration of another life of the cat – the cat has nine lives and all :)

    Get your cleaning materials and let’s see how this gets better. Well done K… Let’s see how you get on with cleaning this up. Saanu da aiki.

  5. @jaywriter and@ Sueddie thanks for reading.

  6. @khadijahmuhammad, this is geninously captivating, I love this in a deep fact. (you dey reprensent well well o!)thanks for this great peice,

  7. @basit thanks for reading.

  8. I like the the story, but at times I didn’t quite it. Don’t get me wrong I get the story, but there were some sentences that didn’t make sense.

    I agree with @sueddie that this needs serious brushing up. If it’s a first draft, then why post it before being ready?

    I love the story though, but please watch out for grammar especially when it comes to using, past, present and present continuous tense.

    1. I have not followed my own lecture and re-read what I wrote before posting. The first line should read I like …… but at times I didn’t quite get it.

  9. @ Mee thanks for reading.I try really hard with the tenses but I always mix them up.

  10. @dkny111: It’s one of those things abi… Nobody holy pass :)

    @khadijahmuhammad: On the tenses, maybe you should consider reading your work out to yourself or to someone every once in a while. A teacher of mine back in the university said if you say something wrong out, something in your head would tick it with an X…
    That just might work for you. You really need that brushing. You have the talent and the grace of a rare writer but that can simply hide all your shine…

  11. @Sueddie,thanks for the tip.By the way I am going back to brighter grammar.

    1. @khadijahmuhammad: Been some time abi? How are you and how is the Brighter Grammar going? :)

  12. It is going fine actually.Trying to concentrate on book 1 and 3.

  13. this is beautiful………..

    1. Thanks for reading.

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