A Good Meal Begins With Hunger

A Good Meal Begins With Hunger

There is no free cheese. You cannot get something for nothing. And you need to learn how everything is a good thing in your life to have meaning for you! That’s why nearly everyone can hunger for heaven, for material and emotional abundance, but only so few are willing to die daily through continuously evolving the best in your body, mind and spirit.

Terngu wanted a new mistress. She was a young single mother of an albino child. She started feeling very uncomfortable with Terngu’s perceptible rebuff of the child’s excitement at seeing him even calling him Daddy.  Matter’s came to a head this past week when Terngu came on his next visits and did not see the child, asking the mother. She lied about the child’s whereabouts. His instincts could not drop the question the next day and as fate would reveal when Terngu went to urinate behind her home, a familiar place and he found fresh grave of the headless child. He handed desperate mistress, mother and murderer to police. This mistress’s hunger for Terngu was no match for the purity of her child’s hunger for a Daddy and just when Dad’s heart was opening to accept her, desperation destroyed the dream.

You may not yet believe it but we all share a thing or two in common with her, the way we go for our happiness with hearts like cold stones, until our heart open to love and can see our past hundred failures to find immortality. Donald’s desperation was like hers in this message to Joe and David with a troubled heart:  “My mission to your religion is to become a millionaire. So tell me what to do and I am ready, even if it is blood sacrifice, no problem. I am tired of poverty. Thanks

David’s hands were full with managing big business and administering his youth empowerment project. He could not respond to Donald trusting that Joseph’s patience at treating all manner of inquiries and being an older hand at it, would pass the four-way test for a kind, necessary and true reply. Joe’s response has how a good meal ought to begin:

“Dear Seeker, I have been a member of my new-age religion since 1980. I’ve also become a millionaire. I came to my religion to learn more about God and to be like God through spiritual evolution. That is all we do here and that is how it will lead anyone to be a true millionaire. But if your hunger for wealth is cheap and you want anyone who will pray or do sacrifice for you to get money, then my religion is not for you. I am sending your number to a local resident near you. He will teach you how we pray. If you can do our prayer for 24Hours a day every day for one full month as the Lord did for 30 days and nights, you will know exactly what to do to be a millionaire where you are needed.”

Donald would learn that hunger for change is not the real thing yet until it has confronted why sickness has little or no hunger associated with it in the ordinary meaning of the word; the kind that Bello, a sick trader faced with his shop goods and Joseph, a lover of Spirit faced with making life a Tribute to Mother. That is how anyone can become like David, a slave boy turned savior to many, able to meet his late father at will in dreams and learn to create arena of influence for followers like Jude, a young graduate to learn and be armed with a new level of freedom. But even Jude could still face desperation from fear, failure even freedom when life proves to be so hard as it did to Terngu’s mistress or Donald. That is the blessing in what Joe offered Donald on behalf of himself and David.


Tony Nwadialo, author: The Three Freedoms Vol 1 @ www.createspace.com/3860724

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  1. This is good, I like the train of thought. I also particularly like the voice of the narrative.

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