The Pearl

The Pearl

"love burns out"

                                                              THE PEARL

With eyes like a Roe

With the fragrance of a Rose

So harmful like a Dove

With words of Juniper

Pelting down with love

Unto the virgin heart of innocence


There is a fire that is

In those eyes of a Roe

The fire of innocence and purity

The fire of love for God.


Garbed in purple Roses

Walking down the Foyer

On a carpet of Roses

With Golden legs of Uhuru


Into the plains of Ujama

With the breath of Utopia

To my friend with love.

To Africa with love.



8 thoughts on “The Pearl” by Onen (@Onen)

  1. wad a poem! Good job

    1. Thanks.Dedicated to all Naija Stories fans and to my beloved Africa.

  2. This is kind of mixed up, I couldn’t make out whether it was romantic, political, or religious.

    1. Look more and you will see more.Thanks men.

  3. Any how you gat me. I like it.

    1. Thanks for the compliments.

  4. Nice and simple.

  5. @myne… This poem is kinda ambiguous, both in its comprehension and preocupation… We have here, a poet who ganishes in his poem, transcendental love, mixed with the spirit of patriotism for his mother-land, Africa.
    What else!!!

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