The Mighty Pen

Shakespeare remains one of my favourite writers, although truth be told when I started reading his books I found the language foreign, strange and difficult to understand but with time I began to understand and appreciate his works.

The Pen is mightier than the Sword is one of the quote from one of his plays Hamlet and which sounds very true to my ears. Anyone who does not understand and appreciate literature will the quote funny if not even stupid but true lovers of literature know that the quote is build on truth.

Of course there are some who say he was not the original owner of the quote but since I first got to know of the quote from him I feel more comfortable believing that it belongs to him.

A Pen is a very powerful and influential tool and I think it is more stronger than a Sword, Gun or Bomb. I am not a military man or a member of any of the other armed forces I think I am a writer so I must allow my sentiment to influence my choice of the pen as been more powerful than a sword, gun or bombs. A gun with enough bullets can kill thousands, while a bomb can kill more the nuclear bomb dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki is enough proof to that. But a Pen is something else when compared to other weapons.

A single sentence written by a pen can reach far places that even some weapons cannot dream of going to. A pen can be used to used to create and start revolutions that can change the World. Just like any other thing it can be used for good or evil.

It can be used to propagate good to spread the message of peace, love and understanding to maintain peace and harmony.

But then the pen can also be used for bad purposes, to stir trouble, to arouse conflicts to start wars sometimes the pen can create more havoc than other weapons a good pen must not be allowed to fall into wrong hands.

2 thoughts on “The Mighty Pen” by Mamman Saba Mustapha (@danjuma)

  1. Its a great literary quote. And I think I agree.

    But there is this branded pen here. Am staring at it and am watching a documentary on Nuclear weapons capable of destroying the earth.


  2. @danjuma I confirm that the quote is really true – for the pen is mightier than the sword. The sword may kill but words can kill faster by first destroying one’s psyche…

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