The Cross-road Experience

No matter what happen in life, we all can always learn from the cross-road experience. One sunny morning, I made up my mind to visit a closed friend which I knew from far. He lives in the eastern part of my country, where there are many cross roads. It is believed that the sun rises from the east, which is one of the cardinal points apart from north, south and west. Many people desire to live in the east because they believed that all the apportioned blessings of the day which the sun brings arouse from the east. I went to Agoufure Park, a popular mass transit in the south where I lived. At the park, the number of people I meant there was more than a thousand, the educated people will call it, “multitude”. It seems that everybody decided to travel that day. The queue was so long that I was the 99th person on it. I really don’t know what to do next, but patience was the only option that I took. Patience is very important in our lives because when we wait, we are disposed to make more important plans. Many people have entered the wrong destiny vehicles in life because of lack of patience.


The queue was getting shorter, the sun was so hot that the temperature cannot be mentioned. There was sweat all over my body, as if I just took a light shower, but thank God that I had a big handkerchief with me which did the cleaning job on my body. Many things are usually seen in the motor park. Some people sell things like recharge cards, biscuits, soft drinks, water, shoe, books among others in the park. Some less privilege people beg for arms in the park. For me, I saw it as the level of poverty and unemployment in my country. In the borders, you don’t really see things like that. It is just a lesson for us all to learn if we must go far as a country. The rich tends to get richer while the poor get poorer at the day long. Many folks believe that since nobody assisted before making it in life, they will not help anyone else. This is a wrong mindset, we must change it.


I spent up to an hour on the queue, but it finally gets to my turn to pay for the ticket. I discovered that the price of the ticket was increased that day because of the high increase in the price of petrol. I did not cast any blame on the management of the mass transit. It was not their fault, it was the fault of my leaders. We have crude oil in my country, but we don’t have enough refineries that can refine the crude oil into useful products. “Which Way my Nation?”. We spent huge amount of money in exporting the crude oil outside my country to refine and also spent money in importing the refined products back into my country. What a great loss! This must stop, if we must get to the stage of a develop country. The girl that sold the ticket to me had a frown face, as if she just came back from the boxing ring where she was defeated. Anyway, it could be that she was very tired and hungry. This is the sign of the level of the work experience in my country. People work for 8-10 hours a day without rest and at the end of the month, their salaries cannot quantify the amount of work they have done for that month. I got the ticket and I entered the bus. It was 3 persons to sit on a seat. This was great. I appreciated the efforts of the Federal Road Safety Cooperation, who made it that way. Before then, it was 4-5 persons on a seat. I remembered vividly a day I was travelling too, it was 5 persons on a seat. The journey was safe but it was not enjoyable and comfortable at all. I was squeezed together like  a cartoon of ice-fish in the bus. Filling the manifest was not a great deal and the bus driver jumped into the bus to get start the journey, after waiting for a long time in the park. A young lady led the safety prayer and we all responded, “Amen”. This is very good, people committing their journey and plans before the Lord Almighty. Some people don’t do this but it is not good. We should learn to submit to our creator in all things.


The journey to the east got started and the driver played a popular blues song, that everybody including myself were shaking our hands. Not too long, many passengers began to sleep. The journey was not smooth at all because of the uncountable number of pot-holes in our road network. It is in my country that some contractors given various road projects, don’t deliver the job on time. Even some of them that tend to deliver on time, do the inferior quality job. From one police check-point to another, we were driving forward. I commended the efforts of our police. They have reduced the activities of armed robbers on our roads network. Someone can now travel safe without hiding his/her properties far. Soon after some hours, we came to a cross-road with two straight roads crossing each other and there was a Traffic Warden standing on the middle of the roads. The wardens are really doing a great job on our roads, because without them roads like these will be congested and traffic jams will be seen on them. All the vehicles on the two road were moving slowly based on the directives of the warden. Although at a point, one of the roads is open to allow the free flow of traffic while the other road is closed.


I learnt many things during this process on the crossroad which I think we can apply in our individual lives if we must make it safe in life. One of them is that our lives should not be in a hurry. It is slow and steady that wins the race. Many people tend to run faster than their strengths in trying to make ends meet. This is not good at all. Always learn to move according to your set goals. We should live with our plans. A White man once said that. “he that fails to plan, plans to fail”. I also learnt that life is full of many challenges that one must pass through. This is because on the cross-road, I saw many vehicles had difficulty in trying to move on. It is not the number of challenges that we faced that really count, but our ability to overcome them all makes us to be victorious. Men will not measure you based on the challenges that you face in life, but based on the achieved victories. Again from this experience, I discovered that no matter what you do in life whether good or bad, some people around you must talk about it. Some call it gossip, while others see it as “talk above self”. In Warri area where I hailed from, we call it “tatafo” or “aproko”. Yes, some people must talk about you, that shows that you are progressing in life no matter what. I remembered vividly right inside the bus, that some folks were pouring insults on the traffic warden, despite the fact that he was doing the right thing. My friend no matter what, you don’t need to consider what men say about you, because the more you do the more you give self-pity to yourself and this will make you fall down soon.


I also learnt that despite the fact that we all are drivers of our destiny vehicles, there is a always a controller or director, that is there to direct us well in life. The director is God Almighty. No wonder the Christians believed that, “a man propose, but God directs”. In all we want to get in life, there is a man standing there to direct us so that we will be happy at the long run. Imagine the traffic warden rising his hands up and telling the drivers to stop, any driver who refused to stop, will have his/her self to be blamed. We should always try and listen to God in all our deeds and the victory that we seek, we definitely come to us with ease. Finally, I also learnt that in life, we should make out time to stop on the journey of our lives and evaluate ourselves. When the vehicle stops, the engine system got relaxed and cooled down. We need to stop at some points and look into our lives to see the extent of our achievements, whether we are progressing or retrogressing. This will help us to regain more strength and inspiration to start again.


It was indeed a fun when I got to the east. I enjoyed my time in the east with my friend. Some people don’t like associating with people, this is very wrong.  Although not everybody that we meet daily are our friends, but there are people out there that can make us get to the next level with ease. We should try and understand the power of relationship. The cross-road experience was a great one. Glory be to God for this experience. See you at the TOP!

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  1. Ur writing contain deep thoughts which I appreciate but I almost ddnt read till the end because of many errors.
    One, typographical errors and spelling errors.
    Two, tense mix ups
    Three, u added so many irrelevancies wch dd nt contribute to d overall message u wer trying to pass across

    But ur message was deep…I like them

  2. @ topazo, thanks for your corrections. i wish to make amend in my subsequent writings. Am very grateful for this gesture. God bless you richly.

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