Rainy Season

The drop of the rain is hard

When falling is simple

People run to shelter

Thunder strike with heavy lighning


Great things happen

In the process of rainig

Plant is happy for the rain

Animals run to shelter


People cry

But plant wipe

When the rain is rough

Animals get sad for the roughness

Of the heavy rain

Our dump mouth opens

with heavy tears.


heavy heavy rain

Collecting our pride by force

Taking away our joy

Calling back the forgotten pains

With the hint of hungry

flowing out our yearly suffering

With the soldiers of suffering


Rain, rain, rain with heavy fall

Ending the hungriness

with the bag of suffering

I gave you a name of saver



The raining season is a season when we experience many things of nature. This poem is all about the destruction and the forces that come with rain.

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  1. I like the first two lines.

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