I was just like an average University Undergraduate student,i was doing things like other most young guys do in Campus, although people sometimes see me as a cool guy, because i look quiet in appearance, which make them to come closer to me most times; am a young man whose Dream is to be successful in life, that’s the reason why i don’t joke with my studies,i don”t miss my lectures, but they said all work and no play makes jack a dull boy,so i do go to clubs with some of my close friends, but believe me am not a club freak, i don”t smoke,Drink Alcohol; Women? Hmmm!! may be one or two ladies i call girlfriends; Sex?? Yes Yes !!, wait a minute! did i said Yes??, well once in a while with laddies i don”t love, to me, my life is normal and full of fun.

Until i got that phone Call, and those emails,that transformed,my life,that call that turned me into a monster; my hobbies use to be watching footballs,painting,playing video games,etc, but now the only hobby i love is KILLING people, they turned me into a killing Machine within four months,i have never seen them before,because they made them selves invisible they are just like mini powerful gods ; i tried running away,but each time i tried, they always showed me how connected and dangerous they are in the Country,so i have no choice than to accept my faith,hoping that i will be free one day.

My Names are JIDE BADMUS, a 3rd year student of Law at One of the most prestigious Universities in Nigeria, but my friends calls me RABBI meaning Teacher; i got this name from one of my Teachers back then at secondary school,since then i got stuck with the name. It was on February 15th 2006,when i was in the school Library reading for my exams, i was trying to concentrate on what i was reading, when i got the Divine phone call, yes “” Divine “because that Call changed my life; the voice on the other side of the phone was deep,at first he asked if he was talking to Tony Badmus, i said no, although, tony was my middle name, but no one calls me that except my siblings and not always; i told the caller that he must have dialled the wrong number, he laughed and call my full names JIDE TONY BADMUS, he told me that they want me to work for them,before i could ask him who he was, he told me my room number , student Number, the year, course am studying in the university, i was shocked,he further told me that they will be patient until i finish my exams;before he switch off his phone, he described the colour and the type of cloth i was wearing at the moment, and he laughed loudly then the phone went dead, two months after my exams i was in my room one afternoon, with one of my friends, Steven

Steven is from southern part of nigeria, i like to be around steven, just to hear him speak broken english, with his native dialect which makes any sentence he made to sound funny, sometimes i hardly know when he is serious or not, Steven like any thing on skirt, am sure if he is to choose heaven or earth with all the beautiful sexy ladies, he will not think twice in choosing earth, he changes women as if he is changing his cloths, sometimes, i do think he uses one famous fetish ring that was assumed to get any woman of one’s choice, we use to call the ring “Touch and Follow”, each time steven comes to my room, we end up talking about ladies in the campus, one could see the excitement in his eyes any time he is talking about ladies, the same excitement one could see in the eyes of a little baby playing with a toy car, we were in the heat of an argument about one particular lady in the campus whom steven refers to as a generous and cheerful giver, when it comes to sleeping with guys, couple of times guys whose time table of sleeping with her clashes, ends up in a serious fight in her room; as we were chatting ,my phone rang, i hurriedly picked my phone, because i was expecting an important call from one of my girlfriends because we had unfinished business, wait!! a minute i can read what is on your mind, i dont mean Sex, i mean real business, viola, is my cross river friend, i connected her to one of my rich stingy distant uncles, who hardly gives men money, but easily gives ladies money freely without a second thought, so i use viola to collect money from him indirectly, i was waiting for viola to call me on the phone and tell me that she has paid my own share of the money into my bank account, the money she got from one of the trips she went with my stingy uncle to Dubai; when i picked the phone, my heart skipped when i heard the same strange voice that spoke to me at the library few months ago.

Yes! i remembered that voice, the voice that made me felt as if the Devil himself was talking to me, he greeted me, by calling me the “chosen one”, i was about to ask him what he want from me, he told me that the time has come to commence my assignment, he told me that he will give me details of my job later in the evening when my friend leaves, shockingly i asked him how he knew that i was with my friend, once again,he laughed loudly, i could feel evil from the tone of his voice, he told me that they wanted to take Steven to work for them, but they noticed that he is too weak when it comes to keeping secrets, that Steven can easily tell his numerous girlfriend about the brotherhood, especially whenever he is in bed with them and since then they have been monitoring his movement to see if he can change his attitude, unfortunately, Steven was addicted to women, just like a drug addict who doesn”t need any rehab, at this point i felt jealous of Steven and his promiscuity nature, i wished that am free with women they way Steven was, which could have made this devilish brotherhood, to neglect me. Later in the evening my phone rang.

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  1. Waiting ƒσя the concluding part

  2. Pay attention to your punctuation especially ‘i’; when you do not, it makes reading boring.
    It ‘s “I’m” not “am”
    There were so many errors in the story especially tenses and spelling. My advice is to give someone else your work to read and edit to reduce the errors in your stories.

  3. …a good plot, interesting, even as it is, I can imagine how alluring this story would be when you eventually give it some thorough polishing. Heed @Salliness‘ advice, no matter how long the road, when you take the first step, you’ll get there if you don’t stop walking… Well done!

  4. CAPTIVATING! nice flow,with a few port-holes, waiting curiously for the next chapter.

  5. This is an intriguing story, @uche77 – what could turn a young man into a killer? However, you need to polish it to remove the many punctuation and grammar issues.

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