My Girlfriends’ Ex 5

My Girlfriends’ Ex 5

Nenye inisisted that i tell her that went wrong, though i wanted to share my problem with her, i couldn’t find words to convey my heart’s turmoil. She kept on consoling me but when Ben’s calls continued and i wasn’t picking, she starting assuming that Ben had to be involved in my predicament and she started swearing on him, how selfish and mean that he was, and i couldn’t let her think that of him, so i lied to Nenye. Nenye, i began, i cancelled my date with Ben tonight because i just got a call few minutes ago from this guy i used to date when i was younger, he is back from canada and called to see me.

The truth is that am so over this guy, not that i was really into him but the problem is that we are sort of bound to each other, excuse, bound how? When? Where? Nenye interrupted i paused and swallowed before i continued, it was a silly thing that i did when i was small, which i will regret for the rest of my days. I had an oath taken with this guy, so before i can freely go out with any guy, i will have to end things with him otherwise, any guy that come into my life will either run mad or die and i can’t let that happen to mrs B’s brother, I finshed. The room was silent when i finshed my story, we were both lost in our own thoughts, one could only hear the sound of our breathe. Nenye squeezed my hand more from shock then of pity.

But why are you just telling me this and how will you go about breaking this oath, she asked with tears in her eyes, i really don’t know how to go about it but one thing i know is that i love you very much, more like a sister i never had, and Ben is a good guy, so you will take care of him for the both of us, if you will do this, then i will take care of my problem, I replied. Dear reader, before you go hating on me, let me say that part of the story i shared with Nenye is true, there was this guy in my life but we agreed that if we lost touch for at least 10 years, that we are no longer bound to each other and as such free to settle with whoever we choose, and this is the 11th year, so i guess am a free lady and besides, i was only eight when i did the oath taking.

But let me tell you why i gave up Ben for Nenye, Nenye hardly loves, infact, she hates love, it has been a while since she had any serious relationship and she is this sort of person that when she finally loves, she loves dearly, this trait of hers is very similar to the wolf’s imprinting in twilight, so since Bella couldn’t stop Jacob from imprinting on her daughter in twilight, who am i to stop Nenye’s. Nenye couldn’t believe i kept my oath away from her but her concern at the moment lied at how i was supposed to get out of the mess, she was already drawing the list of pasters that were possible oath breakers when the door ball rang.

She called out and asked “who is it”, we both stared at each other when we heard the person at the other side of the door, BEN what was i supposed to do, seeing him, apparently, neatly shaved, wearing a strong perfume and well tailored suit, can i really turn all of Ben down, it was easir to do it over the phone but standing before him, swallowing hard and absorbing his presence will really make this very difficult, Nenye looked at me and asked if it was okay for me to let him in, I look one last look at my face in my mirror (my eyes were swollen) and nodded, Nenye turned the key once and pulled the door knob and he walked in. I stood up and greeted him, he responed with a nod and the sat down next to me, am sure he was taken aback my face and eyes, he just looked at me with the eye that said, “whats going on?” and i started to explain.

After sharing the story, i then added, ” Ben am so sorry, you are a great guy, i know that and i know that my not being with you will rip me a part of my life but i like you alot not to tell you and watch you suffer, we will be best of friends, you are the only guy that has made me regret my past choice but i have to let you go” Ben was furious, he called it fetish, that he doesn’t believe in such things, that i should give him a chance to prove to me that he is the one for me Ben, it is not your committment that is in doubt here, but i can’t bring myself to hurt you, there are a million girls who will be a better companion that i will ever be,. I finished and with that i walked out of his life as a girlfriend and entered his life asa buddy, a best friend if you will say.

3 weeks later, Nenye came back one day from lectures and i noticed that she was exceptionally happy because, she cooked, washed the dishes ( something she will never do on a normal day), but i didn’t bother asking because i know that i will still get to know about it sooner or later, but it came sooner than i thought because we were just eating when she said, i ran into Ben and he asked me out. I became speechless and was like OMG!!!!, what was your answer, i asked

i said yes, that if it is okay with you, she replied.

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  1. you rushed writing this at some point.i was following up until i saw some errors which could have been as a result of trying to get the work done.

  2. nice story line, but, there were some typo and i think it might help to put the dialogues in quotation marks.

  3. Rushed…and that made it difficult to follow…
    Still, nice story

  4. Pinkice this story would have been a masterpiece but you rushed it hence distorting a beautiful imagery. Don’t feel pressured. Its better to take your time and prepare a good meal than a hasty snack which hardly satisfies. Every writer has a unique selling style. For some its their ability to weave good dialogue into their works while some are good wíth imageríes

  5. You’re good with imageries. Work on your selling point and you might be an award winner

  6. @pinkice…a good story. But couldn’t tell where the dialogues started and ended. It would be a better write if you calmed down. Kudos,though!

  7. when is the next episode coming out? I’ve been checking practically every day for it

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