My Girlfriends’ Ex 4

My Girlfriends’ Ex 4

yes Ben, i will be honoured to go out with you, i replied and blocked my heart panting that i made the wrong decision, i then turned back to look at Nenye and the look on her face says it all. she immediately stormed out of the place giving I and Ben shocked at her behaviour, though i couldn’t say i was suprised because I expected worse reaction. i woke up the next morning and she was gone, i assumed she had gone to school and has eventually put her little crush on Ben into the bottomless pit. i made lunch as the hours dragged by hoping that she will come home soon and help me pick out what to wear for the evening.

she got home by 4pm and we started gisting about what happened at school, but after a while, she said to me that she was sorry that she was upst that Ben asked me out, it was just that she hasn’t been in any relationship in two years and then Ben comes in, sweeping her off her feet and she had already designed their wedding in her head, their honeymoon in paris, their 3 kids and their happily ever after and he didn’t even give her a second look and she felt betrayed and alone.

i consoled her the much i can and in that process lost all my exictment for the dinner. at 6.45pm, i still wasn’t dressed, not because of lack of dress, Nenye gave me an orange gown that was her birthday gift from previous year, and if you must know, the gown rocks and with my gucci boots, i will be drop-dead gorgeous, instead i found myself dailing Ben’s number, i didn’t know why i was calling or what i will say until, his rich deep voice answered ” the groom should not see or hear from the bride before the wedding or something bad happens, hello dear, i was just joking, wats up?”, i kept silent still thinking of what to say and he said again ” dearie, hope you are ready because i have a lot of fun stuffz that we will …………………….” and i cut him off by saying ” sorry Ben, you are a good guy and all but am cancelling, i was carried away by your charms that i forgot that i have a boyfriend and am so sorry for leading you on”, I heard him saying “but………………” and i hang up and flee into the comfort of my bed and opened my eye bags as the tears come goshing out.

Nenye came back 15mins later and was shocked to see me in such state, she was scared to death and was dying to know what happened to transform me from the exicted lady she left an hour ago to this wailing woman, the only thing i could say to her was ” I have dug my own grave and i must lie in it”

11 thoughts on “My Girlfriends’ Ex 4” by Pinkice (@Pinkice)

  1. Mchewww that was stupid of her…

  2. Kudos to you dear…

  3. This is not very well written. You can better edit your work to sustain the reader’s interest.

    1. I know she could do better but she is using her fone and ita kinda hard to edit it all

  4. Good story…but could do with lots of work. Faulty punctuations, wrong tenses, just to mention a few. I’m sure you can do better. Kip writing!

  5. You have an idea but you botched your execution.

    You didn’t arrange it well neither is your editing accurate.

  6. Nice effort. Could be better.

  7. people, try and overlook the typo-errors and the wrong tenses, typing and editing with a phone, a nokia at that is not as easy as you think at all, though, i promise to improve. I would have stopped writting since with the increment in complaint but i love to write, so i guess you will be seeing more of me

  8. Good,keep it up.

  9. PinkIce you shouldn’t feel bad cos all d comments regarding your errors are constructive criticisms meant to make a better writer out of you. I’ve been a victim too (see The Date 2) but I learned and I’m still learning. By the way, this comment was typed from a phone.

  10. That aside, your stories are good. It takes a good narrator to piece together a work like this. Promise me to take some time to edit your work before posting so your readers can see and know that you’ve improved. Looking forward to your next post. I spend time reading other people’s post. Analyzing their styles and learnin from their errors.

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