My Dear Ns

My Dear Ns

My dear NS

I have seen many homes,

But here lies my true home.


I have many companions,

But in NS I find my perfect



Very lonely I was untill I find you,

How wholesome I am now that I

Find you.


You are like the Utopia

Stream gushing frivolously

With Autonomousity.


It is truly exclusive,

For people of the same species.


My dear NS

I found my fellow brothers

And sisters through you,

Not blood brothers and sisters

But pivotal brothers


How better can I thank you

For changing my life,

How much will I pay you for this


My dear NS

If I say,

I am indebted to you,

Then, it is an understatement.


I will forever live with you.

Trust my words

They are nothing but the truth

Thank you Ns.

“For giving me a new life”


My dear NS




4 thoughts on “My Dear Ns” by Bola (@basittjamiu)

  1. A feeling most of us can relate to.

    Nice one.

  2. @jaywriter, thanks for putting your thoughts,it is truly a feel that goes with home-coming movie. *smiling*

  3. I like this…. i relate to it

  4. whoa!!!!!
    I share your sentiments @basittjamiu
    walking to light in a way maybe not mighty………….

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