Life within

Life within

Each day takes a breathing shift:
With Man’s Holy Communion

To welcome the next
And sweetly smiles with
each serious sweat

Soaked with frail fears and
tinkle tears
To fix existence, the yin must mix with yang.

Sacrifice is everything,
everything is sacrifice
Nothing happens without sweat or blood
Our lives are entanglement of each day’s covenant
Inside us are secret staircases to our truest best’
Those noble paths left lifeless
Solomon’s ladders to the kingdom dome
If we don’t walk within
Walking without is eternal dream
For life must start from within
Within is where it begins
To live within is a wealthy appearance
To die within is a lifeless existence


Hope is meant to keep us not kill us
Faith is meant to make us grow not bury us
Love is meant to make us give the self not keep it


Our lives like water in a cask
With its faucet to regulate
The faucets range to each lives age
But in us all life fetches its drink
As we grow older
Life takes us farther
Farther away from yesterday
From where our truest self began
Each of us has made a covenant with a date
A day to leave this earthly estate
Our records in life slates
A silent rest we all shall taste
The mind that is young is free
The mind that is old is bound
The young day is full of light
The old day is filled with fright
Our first oxygen as our last
We will surely go to become breath of yesterday
Our good-byes like sweet kiss of past days
Without memory, the earth is relieved of us.

6 thoughts on “Life within” by lawore olufemi (@laworemike)

  1. @laworemike, nice combination and the Alliteration was extraordinary. In all, you got me weldone.

    1. thank you basittjamiu

  2. Your poem is good, but I’m wondering at the arrangement.

    1. @electrika. thank u for taking your time to read. i would like to know what you think about the arrangement.

      1. What I mean is that I don’t get the arrangement.

  3. @eletrika.
    the first nine lines talk about man dying and days dying so that they both would allow others to be born.

    we sacrifice either our sweats or blood(genesis 2) but finally our body to make order to life.

    the next 16lines talk about our hard labours. Meanwhile we have left our truest calling for other meaningless stuffs…we grow to become more of what we are not designed to be. we make sacrifices but wrong sacrifices…solomon’s ladder …that is wisdom buried within that opens to us treasures we daily seek.

    hope,faith and love…three abstract vital energy for life yet we still misuse. we hope for the wrong things sometime…we build our faith on falsehoods(religion), we love but love without the source is insufficient

    the other lines explains growth varying from man to man. instead of getting meaning to life as we grow, most people are still buried in the busy market of life buying what wouldnt help.

    we grow to know more of the world and less of ourselve because we live the inside…

    our first breath as our last…that i think explains itself

    thanks …i have been busy. i hope answered the question.

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