Musings Of A Hustler (episode 2)


Trembling and shivering underneath, I summoned the last shreds of courage I had and stammered;

“Jim…no need for us to go overboard…we can be adults here…like I told you…I feel sick but if you want me so bad…we can discuss it maturely”

With a renewed confidence of a guy knowing he controls the shots, Jim looked at me and with a mean and cold expression said;

“Jenny… the minute you stood up to leave, time for adult discussion was over. I spoke to you like an adult but you…er…what’s the word now…yea… went  “overboard”  by leaving me here…you have a minute to choose one of the options I gave you…”

If I was scared before…now I was exasperated…in a brief moment I thought about my mum and my family background and the sickening thought that I might be molested, raped or even killed. Then I muttered. “Jim, what do u want from me?”

He looked at me again and said sluggishly,

 “You have a body to die for…voluptuous, curvy and endowed…the type I fantasize about…I just wanna live my fantasies tonight”

With renewed courage, I looked at him flatly and asked… “meaning?

Like he didn’t hear me…he looked at his watch and told me…

“One minute is over. I‘ll advice you be calm…if you behave yourself… You might just still smile home…”

With a swift warning look, he stared at me and said… “if you misbehave…you might not even get home at all.”

I got the message and sat back in my chair expecting the worst. He signaled to his boys while he made a call. One of the huge guys, the same one who spoke to me earlier whispered to me and said… ‘maam’, please follow us to the car’

I froze, and then looked appealingly to Jim, who carefully avoided my gaze. I thought about screaming but remembered his warning and the fact that it was late already to go home, and I lost all courage to scream. Perhaps I should have.

Like a sheep being led to the slaughter, I followed Jim’s boys to the car. Then I entered and sat at the back end of the car while the two bodyguards sat outside the car. In less than 10 minutes, Jim was by my side whilst one of the bodyguards sat with the driver and the other sat with me and Jim at the back. With a grin, Jim told the driver, ‘let’s go’.

I kept mute. My heart was racing uncontrollably. My mind had grown weary from thinking about all the potential scenarios that could be played out within the next few minutes or hours. Jim looked at me and said ‘relax Jenny… you ll enjoy this.”

If that was meant to calm me down, it obviously didn’t work and I just braced myself for the worst that might happen.

After driving for about 15 to 20 minutes, we got to a secluded area on the outskirts of the town and the car stopped. Without saying anything, the driver, bodyguard beside him and Jim got down, leaving me with only one of the bodyguards.

After what appeared to be a brief discussion with ‘his boys’, Jim opened the car and whispered to me, ‘since you couldn’t decide, i took the liberty to decide which of the options you ll d like”

Without more, he went back to meet his boys not far from where he was, leaving the door open. Either intentionally or accidentally, I saw a metallic object with the other bodyguard and realized I had no choice. That was most definitely a gun and for a brief instant, I remembered the many stories of dead bodies being found on the streets of the town and realized only obedience and God could save me from this quagmire. Till that point, I never realized fear could make one weak.

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  1. You got me enchanted. Just like ‘oliver twist’, I want more….
    Good tale. I also like the way you wrote the MC’s dialogue in bold letters; it struck a difference….

  2. not fair? why stop here??

  3. Wow…I want more!
    This ws nice…and the suspence ws good

  4. Obviously had to read from episode 1 and without doubt this is a good piece, fine story, good intrigue and a bad(very good) cliff hanger.

  5. @sylvia





    Thanks for your comments peeps. would appreciate if you also rate the story so i can get feedback. I advise you to really watch out for the next set of episodes. It should blow your mind…winks!

  6. @kodeya…thanks oliver…lol

  7. @ville…lol…thats the suspense element…

  8. Wow! Didn’t realise I was holding my breath all along.

  9. On to the next one.

  10. still loving this piece @ayoks…

  11. @uzomaumekwe…tnx…hope you find it interesting…

  12. As I’m reading this, I’m unconsciously putting myself in ‘her’ shoes and imagining what I would do #sadiknow! lol.

    I also like how you put dialogue and thoughts in bold italics, it makes it easy to follow.

  13. @Zikora …thanks dear

  14. Again I enjoyed this. Good job

  15. wow does this stuff reli happen, I cant believe it

  16. glow (@anyieinstein)

    Good suspense… Fast paced story

  17. I like it.

    Good job

  18. Hopefully, not group sex o.
    On to the next.
    Well done, Ayoks. $ß.

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