Do you feel my pain?

Do you hear my cry?

Does it make you gain

Seeing me this way?


No! I do not like it

When I see you cry

There is nothing I can do to stop it

Helpless, I also pay.


I try to be strong

Hoping you will one day come

But, I have waited far too long

Now, my heart is withered and no longer strong

Frail, almost gone.


I try as hard as I can to make it last

Snatching time as much as I dared

To put you in my thoughts and mind

But, now it all comes to pass

The greatest fear I held


**** Death! ****





9 thoughts on “Death” by shaifamily (@shaifamily)

  1. ,………nice write, this temporal life is nothing but an abode of time. Death is inevitable.

  2. @basittjamiu

    Hope u see more than the concept of “death” for its sake?

    There is more to this than that.

    All the same, Merci.

  3. Nice work…..toms up….and nice concept

  4. death…conversion to another state

  5. I fink the real question should be: ‘death’ of what?

  6. Okay. Death of what?

    1. Death of ‘time’ itself. Time to make right, all that went wrong and can’t or might not be redeemed cos dey r dead!

      1. I see! That’s a good one…

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