A Tribute To Mother

A Tribute To Mother

Immortal queen of creation, I thank you for today.

Your light is your beauty and brilliance beyond language. Your music is your power and voice rolled into one Life Force, what makes and breaks, tasks, trains and treats all of us with the immortal Sound of Silence, the Server for all Life. How is it that so few know why this Server and Sound is HU, most sacred name for God in every religion.

I thank you for making me like you, image and likeness of HU and I speak for myself. I have since learned why you will not let me speak for someone else. You are so kind to permit a tiny window which will let me speak for anyone who asks me. I thank you when you remind me to otherwise let them be and speak for myself. I had a long time in coming to understand that’s why you are who you are.

Mother, you alone know how all is as it should be and in its rightful place in this harmony that is your name. As the Sound of HU, you are the source and sustenance of one and all. And if I should care so much to speak for more than just myself, I like it when you pull my ears in my dreams to beware of where I stand lest I fall in my own. You insist to let me see how we are all created with full equality such that no one can pretend to do for another person what they must learn to do for themselves. No prince, no princess, no one, not even you who defend our dignity.

Amazing Grace, I was blind but now I can see through many of my birthdays in blindness.

Through your template of 24Hour lesson plan you make it so easy to step into self-discipline as an endless world by daily visits to heaven, our true home, so as to drop off every fear and vice. Each of them: drunkenness or drugs, anger, greed, lust, vanity especially ego materialism can be easily converted to the opposite virtue sometimes overnight and we begin to draw down heavenly attitudes and interests because we hold this spiritual key or exercise of opening the doors of heaven. Thank you for giving me this key to my throne and for preparing me through cleanliness and consciousness to get closer to God. Thank you for presenting me with the companionship of forerunners and teachers that make the community of heaven such a treasure. That’s why I so often wish to speak for anyone who has no idea of it. I put myself in their shoes only a few decades ago, people who may not yet understand that heaven is a place to visit daily during sleep and eventually becoming heavenly here.

Oh, how you take away the fear of dying especially those caused by illness, accidents and misconceived enemies who are to help turn my weaknesses into strengths. Like a great Mum, you are my duty doctor on call every night to review my habits or foods and take out what I have outgrown.  What could have been okay as a child but aging and expanding cleanliness brings home new concerns only you can quickly distinguish for me in my dreams. You are my guardian angel round the clock leading me away from needless accident and preparing me for unavoidable kinds so I can come out more grateful for the gift of life. And when my relatives tell stories of miraculous escapes, I thank you for sparing me the burden of having to care for them in trouble even though they do not yet wish to make their lives a Tribute to Mother the way I know how to.

Amazing HU, your greatest gift that makes my every day a treasure is the knowledge that no one is an opponent really. Everyone is an angel and partner at heart, a unit of HU, like you. The reason we have this family member, friend, business partner, landlord, office boss or colleague, neighbor, challenger and so on today is a customized selection you guided each person to make before coming into this life in the physical form and conditions of birth. You have let me visit the memory heaven where every record is kept of each and every life we all have lived and loved and learned from one another. As we make mistakes and learn from one another time and again, we may understand that in each lifetime you place us in the best set of circumstances to quickly recapture our key to heaven and our throne as prince or princess of God.

Holy Spirit, Mother of all, will I ever be able to show and tell everyone who comes my way that as the Song of HU you’re how to seek the kingdom of God, for complete answers to every need and crisis. When child or parent needs help and direction, when governor seems to pocket the fortunes of ordinary folks so much that they are alleged to curse him with death? When a relative is kidnapped, dying even before a crash?

    Tony Nwadialo, author: The Three Freedoms, Vol 1 @ www.createspace.com/3860724

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