The Wonders of Life

The Wonders of Life

Life, in our nation, is a world of wonders

With people of different manners

You find the good, the bad and even the ugly

You marvel at weird things you daily see

Some so heartbreaking you can’t but cry

Few can be endured, but even then you sigh


You weep and pray the Lord Most High

To grant you the fortitude to stop wondering why

Things vicious and humanly unbecoming

Imported into our so-called religious setting


Discrimination, oppression and injustice

Ushered into appointment with utmost malice

Putting a square peg in a round hole

Espousing mediocrity, painting meritocracy with coal


Wake up comrades, answer the clarion call

In unity lies our strength…with distrust, we’d fall

Let’s join hands to elevate our collective interests

We may not be the best of persons, but we can try our best

2 thoughts on “The Wonders of Life” by Oxygenmat (@OxygenMat)

  1. In God we will trust, for man will always be man, frail and unpredictable.

  2. … yes! we may not be the best of persons but we can try our best… a nice piece…

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