The sly fool.

The sly fool.

Chapter one
Kunle was driving along the main road leading to the campus area. Kunle was a young handsome dude (that is if you consider a 24 year old guy as young), about 6 feet tall, with a distinct skin colour (the type of colour many naive girls call chocolate colour), with an athletic build and shinning white teeth; a typical fantasy physique for girls. He was a final year student of Obafemi Awolowo University, (OAU) in Ile-ife. His mind was at the Retro party he was attending, even as he was listening to Sisquo’s Unleash the Dragon.
His mission – to get fresh, naive ‘chics’ as young,and nubile girls are called and have sex with them. Of course he forgets the girls after the night, as he already has a girlfriend who he is determined to take to his mum for marriage. However man must catch his fun, as Kunle will say and despite the fact that Cynthia(his girlfriend) herself was always ready to give him sex, his urges always required ‘fresh blood’ for it to be satisfied.
As Kunle kept driving towards the venue of the party, a call came through his MTN line, Kunle seeing the person’s ID and realizing that it was Cynthia’s number, first refused to answer the call. Due to Cynthia’s persistence however, Kunle had to answer the phone, knowing that she will never leave him alone if he continued to ignore the call.
‘Hi Cynthia’ he answered with a false sweet voice. ‘Hello love’ the reply with the sweetest tone that could make a man melt.
‘Kunle dear, i called to ask after your well-being’ she continued. After a brief spell of silence in the conversation, Cynthia asked if he was going to the Retro party.
‘Cynthia, am busy with tests all around me’, ‘I can’t go’, Kunle replied as if the tests are in the car with him. ‘Am only going towards campus to go and read’ he said. Cynthia started pleading for him to follow her to the party as she is bored and does not like going alone or with someone else. However, knowing that Kunle’s mind was made up, she stopped pleading and wished him success in his studying, as she grumbly stated that she will have to make do with staying at home.
After deceiving his ‘damsel in distress’ Kunle then shifted his focus on the party, with his focus on any young lady he could easily chat up. Kunle often love this game due to the fact that apart from the obvious sexual enjoyment, he will have a ready audience to relate his story to in town. His friends; Kolade, Tunji and Chidi will often praise him and acknowledge his abilities in getting ‘chics’. The only person who objects to his exploits is Yinka, who often uses both religious and health sentiments to try to dissuade him. Yinka tried to dissuade him again, telling Kunle how he is violating the Almighty’s principle on sex.
Kunle then set his sights on Archi studio (the venue for the party) which was beautifully decorated with many guys and girls dressing ‘old school’ style in order to fit into the party. Kunle himself was dressed for the occasion. He parked his car, looks up to the mirror for one last time and then he opens his car, gets out of it and locks it up before going for his party.

Chapter two
The retro party was in full swing, as guys and girls danced themselves to old school music and drinks freely flowed. Despite the facts they paid for the party, the calibre of drinks and food being taken was far more superior compared to the amount they paid for, meaning that the organisers have spent a good amount of money on the party.
Kunle looked around and sighed. He was, unlike most of the people at the party, not dancing, but he was sitting at a corner of the venue, looking out for a slightly inebriated girl to chat with and have sex with. He was however, running out of luck. He was already losing hope on landing a girl, when he saw her.
Yes, her. Linda was a beauty, almost 6 feet tall, fair in complexion and with a smooth skin, almost looking like one of those half caste girls that you will dream of dating. Her red dress, had fitted perfectly with her figure, which was endowed at the right places. she looked mature, though Kunle was however, far from discouraged, rather he felt a surge of energy in his body, as he remembered that he loved challenges and this was the height of such challenge.
Kunle took a look at himself, made sure that his has his groove on, and walked confidently to her.
‘Hello there’ Kunle said, shinning some white teeth. Linda turned around to see a young guy looking absolutely retro and cute with white teeth. She paused for a little while before smiling back and saying hi back.
‘Hello again’ Kunle stammered out before reporting his ‘portfolio’ to her: telling her his name and other details, adding a few lies about his family being royalty and how he was schooled in one of the best schools in the country. Linda listened to his boring and cliched manner of ‘toasting’ her, before he started flattering her about her beauty and how uncommon it is for her to come alone. She then told him that she came with her boyfriend, who had taken off to the dance floor with another lady. Linda then continued talking and then Kunle realised who she was.
Linda was obviously a big ‘catch’ for Kunle, as she was a model for Vittancy Modelling agency, one of the foremost modelling companies in Nigeria. She had modelled in various soap ads and was a runway model as well. She was well recognised and acknowledged in the country. It was unthinkable that she will be in Ife (even as a fresher) and in this party. Kunle was thanking his stars for having the chance to ‘bang’ a model for the first time in his life, and was imagining how he will relate this to his friends, when she asked if he was bored and wanted to move somewhere else. Kunle agreed without questions and then suggested that they drive around campus in order for him to show her around the ‘real campus’. Linda accepted his offer and they left the party, Linda looking sweet and innocent, while Kunle was grinning, obviously happy.
Chapter three
The drive around campus in Kunle’s car was engaging for Linda, as she asked Kunle various questions about buildings on campus. Kunle answered all, smugly plotting on his mind how to’ bed’ her. However his concentration was waning, partly due to her presence and also due to her barrage of questions, he therefore stopped at a place where they sell chops, a term used for small fried food eaten by people in a party. Kunle while buying the chops, then devised a way to get to her. Although the oldest way known, he decided to get her drunk and after getting the food, he drove to a nearby bar to get some alcoholic drinks. Kunle then got back to Linda who he sweet-talked into coming into to his place. After convincing her, he then drove his way out of campus, barely escaping the curfew time in town and entered his home.
Linda entered into his home, which though not exquisite, was cosy and comfortable. His home was a two bedroom flay with a toilet and bathroom. She commented about the home and how rich Kunle must be,considering the nature of his home and how furnished it was, with Kunle then trying to be modest about everything. Linda’S talk was now beginning to bore Kunle down, so he decided to play a music collection and invited Linda to dance with him. After some persuasion, she accepted and they started dancing while they both drank. Kunle‘s plan had already started and after repeated dancing and drinking, with little nibs at the chops provided, Linda started moving awkwardly, as if inebriated with alcohol. Kunle was about to drag her to bed and was already getting her ‘in the mood’ by talking dirty to her and sounding sexy. The music collection, as if on cue, then started playing some sensual music, adding to the ambiance. Linda then managed to tell him that she wants to use the toilet, with Kunle showing her the path.
Once she was out of his sight however, Linda regained composure completely, with such speed that will shock Kunle himself (that is, if Kunle was watching). She then looked around and after noticing no one, she brought out a drug and added it to a drink she got from his fridge. She then thought of Kunle for a few seconds, thinking of how stupid he must be and how he must have destroyed many girls’ lives with his sexual appetite, especially the girls that had employed her to ‘nail’ him, as they put it. She then resumed her acting with her fake hysterical smile and awkward movement.
Kunle, whose sixth sense was not working, and therefore oblivious and not cautious to her plans and motive, decided to move on with the plan. Linda absolutely drunk, (or as she was pretending to be) agreed, but before she accepted they did a toast to Kunle’s life and prosperity, with her giving Kunle the laced drink to enjoy and toast with her. Kunle then dragged her into his room where to her surprise, he was too drunk to last long, they just had some fun with themselves before Kunle slept. As he shut his eyes to the world around him. He thought he saw Linda standing up from the bed.
Chapter four
The sun shone brightly , clearly showing the beauty of the morning. the day seemed so beautiful with birds flying in the air and despite the heat from the sun, the breeze cooled the area for people to move around freely without having to rush due to the heat. it seemed like the day can never go wrong for anybody.
But it did!
Kunle woke up lazily from his bed, half expecting to see linda besides him.Noticing her absence seemed to instil agility in him, even if it was due to panic. Kunle sprang up from his bed like someone on a spring bed, looking at his watch with astonishment. it was 10 am. Kunle wondered how long he slept off and then, with a sense of foreboding started to search his belongings it was not long before he realised that he was 10 thousand naira short. Kunle sense of foreboding did not leave him after that, it actually became worse. Kunle did not know what was wrong with him, even as he prepared for his classes,his mind kept probing and prodding around different issues as if he was to have a terrible day.
kunle got to his department late, that was after having a day filling his car at the petrol station, repairing ts radiator and settling an irritant called a police officer over overspeeding. it was already too much stress for the day when his phone rang.
‘Cynthia again’ he muttered under his breath before answering the call. he was about greeting before she started screaming on the phone.’kunle, you are agoat, a big he-goat’ she sputtered that is the reading you are doing abi? eh? reading with a girl on top of you. is your note on top of her? Before he could reply, she blurted out the next words,’our relationship is over,go f**k yourself! she said in a mock American tone and discoonected the call. kunle, a bit alarmed, started to call her number while observing the looks on other people faces as it seemed like they were studying him. a set of girls passed him by laughing as they walked passed,with the laughter becoming hysterical as they were away from him. the looks he was greeted with by most people was beginning to worry him even as his friends had ignored him while he passed them.
after trying Cynthia’s number for the 8th time, he gave up and stopped trying. just as he was about to drop his phone in his pocket, his father called.
Kunle, so this is what you are wasting your time in school doing eeh? his father coldly asked through the phone. kunle then spent the next few minutes listening to his father as his old man stated among other things, how Kunle has constantly disappointed him and his mom and how he wondered why kunle can’t be like his older siblings who are always better off. he ended the call but not before telling Kunle that his support ( financial and otherwise) has been terminated.
kunle was now dazed, as he had depended totally and solely on his dad, his mom was a stay-at-home mom and his siblings were unemployed and do’t like him. he was thinking about his conversation with his father when he received a message from an unknown number.
‘hello sexy’, the message started, ‘hope you enjoyed the night’. ‘you bet i did’. from those words kunle deduced that it was linda. well i checked on you just to make sure that you get this message. kunle started searching around,hoping to see her. Around message came in,you see, i just decided to do some publicity on that night, so i pasted our pix on facebook and twitter and the next thing Kunle saw shocked him to the marrow. nude pix of him and linda, littered the message with Linda taking various postures on his naked body and finally with her holding his organ, as if she won a trophy. Kunle then understood every action that was taken against him and then as him scrolled down, linda continued, i dropped some of your pix with a explanation in your dad’s mail and some to your girlfriend.hope you don’t mind me borrowing some money from your wallet she continued. Net time don’t mess up with young girls you f**king bastard,N.B i am HIV positive and currently have syphilis. she wrote at the end.
Kunle, who was now desperately needed a friend could not find any. his so-called ‘friends’, who often hailed him over his achievements, now looked at him with the typical Nigerian hypocritical look of disdain. everywhere he went, he could only see the faces of people mocking him. his sadness was heavy,and as the days flew by, it got worsen. Kunle was surprised at the depth of hatred which engulfed him. to create more troubles for him, his pix and escapade spread everywhere, even outside of the campus, therefore each person he meant for a job to support his education refused on moral grounds. his sadness grew into depression and it was not long after that he started developing mental issues.
Kunle finally slept without waking up, as a destitute

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